During the course of South Park: The fractured But Whole you will be inquiry to decide upon her gender, race, religion and also superhero kryptonite. These questions about your identity are connected to her character sheet, which develops the communication of a far-ranging part of your adventure transparent the first portion of the game. But how necessary are the decision you’ll make while completing this sheet?

Figuring out that you are in South Park‘s irreverent civilization is a big deal in The fractured But Whole, even if they at some point don’t influence its gameplay as well much. Here’s now gender, race and religion pat a function in the RPG:

South Park: The fractured But Whole Guide: Kryptonite Choices

You’ll be offered a selection of people to choose as your an individual “kryptonite” in the game, from old people, to 6th graders, to crab people. Picking a specific Kryptonite appears to have no influence on gameplay, with your stats no lowering once you confront the foe you’ve chosen in battle, so go ahead and pick whichever choice you feeling most drawn to.

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South Park: The broken But Whole Guide: gender Choices

You’ll rundown your gender to the southern Park elementary college counselor Mr. Mackey, that will embark ~ above an azer conversation through you in bespeak to determine whether you’re male, mrs or “other.” This 3rd gender choice will check out you picking from considerable list the non-binary gender options, concluding with Mr. Mackey conducting a well-meaning however concerned phone speak to with her parents in order to more understand the option you’ve selected.

After her conversation through Mr. Mackey you’ll be challenged by a gang of Rednecks external the school, who will educate you that they “don’t take it kindly” to those of your selected gender in your town. ~ the battle you’ll head home to your mom and also dad, who are concerned over the information you’ve told your school.

If you decided the “other” choice for her gender, yes sir a quest later on in the video game where you’ll be asked to accomplish Wendy in the girl’s restroom. If you instead go come the center restroom, questionably labelled “cissy,” she’ll briefly talk about whether or not it’s girlfriend or she who’s in the wrong place.


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South Park: The fractured But Whole Guide: race Choices

You’ll originally be request to decision the color of your skin at the begin of The broken But Whole, through this decision masquerading together a challenge worry. Your gyeongju won’t impact how daunting the video game is, so friend can pick whatever skin shade you check out fit there is no worrying about its affect upon gameplay.

You’ll gain to pick your gyeongju in one more encounter with Mr. Mackey, despite this time your selections are more restricted — because that instance, you can not be a native American Irishman. After choosing your race, you’ll as soon as again be confronted by the Rednecks and also face your disgruntled parents.

South Park: The broken But Whole Guide: religious beliefs Choices

Your choice of religion will require you to go after the side-quests with Father Maxi at the south Park church. After warding off the breakthroughs of two Catholic priests, dad Maxi will later on invite friend to venture to Stark’s Pond in order to uncover your spiritual environment. From below you’ll accomplish Kanye West in his alternating “gay fish” form, an conference we’ve previously in-depth here.

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After embarking upon your pursuit with Kanye, you’ll meet Jesus who will provide you the alternative of picking your religion. This an option will again note a fight with the Rednecks, though choose your other choices in the game, that won’t impact gameplay.