Year round sunshine and warmth room the 2 main features of the weather ~ above Padre Island. The nationwide seashore is not rather so hot in winter as areas even additional south follow me the Gulf coastline like Brownsville, or indeed the will of southern Padre Island - since being just 100 mile closer to the equator renders the average temperatures about 4 degrees greater - but sunbathing at the beach is feasible any day of the year, with daytime highs usually over 70°F also in January and also February. In late winter, locations in this part of south Texas are sometimes the sexty in the entirety USA, though the proximity to the coast method that castle are shortly overtaken by inland regions in spring, so the in summer, maximum temperature on the island are rarely over 100°F, and tend to it is in 20 levels or more lower 보다 the extremes that the Southwest deserts. This heat also warms the ocean, and also temperatures because that the water range from 60 in January to 85 in August.The conditions on the beach may be rather various to the mainland simply a couple of miles native the coast. Most days view a heat sea breeze develop during the early afternoon, at a fairly continuous 18 mph, which both moderates temperatures and keeps cloud away, despite clouds and short, thundery showers are still rather likely during the dry storm season indigenous June come October. Hurricanes too may strike the Padre Island an ar at this time, such as the one in 1919 that ruined much of body Christi, however most happen much more to the east; weather statistics record that the island receive one hurricane on average every 7.5 years.

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Weather ForecastWinter nights may fall below freezing, however the frost generally lasts just for a day or two whilst a cold front overcome over. Snow nearly never falls, regardless of the last recorded occasion gift as current as Christmas day 2004, as soon as Padre Island built up 4 inches. This to be the very first time for over a century that eye was seen in much Southeast Texas.

Average Padre Island Weather Conditions

Average HighAverage LowMeanAverage RainfallRecord HighRecord Low
Jan65°F49°F57°F1.50 in88°F15°F
Feb68°F53°F60°F1.74 in95°F26°F
Mar74°F60°F67°F1.21 in101°F29°F
Apr78°F66°F72°F1.55 in102°F38°F
May82°F73°F78°F3.01 in103°F48°F
Jun87°F76°F82°F2.46 in101°F49°F
Jul89°F77°F83°F1.23 in99°F65°F
Aug89°F77°F83°F1.86 in102°F64°F
Sep86°F73°F80°F5.00 in99°F55°F
Oct81°F67°F74°F3.23 in96°F32°F
Nov74°F59°F67°F2.12 in98°F30°F
Dec67°F51°F59°F1.30 in91°F15°F

Average HighAverage LowMeanAverage RainfallRecord HighRecord Low
Jan18°C9°C14°C3.8 cm31°C-9°C
Feb20°C12°C16°C4.4 cm35°C-3°C
Mar23°C16°C19°C3.1 cm38°C-2°C
Apr26°C19°C22°C3.9 cm39°C3°C
May28°C23°C26°C7.6 cm39°C9°C
Jun31°C24°C28°C6.2 cm38°C9°C
Jul32°C25°C28°C3.1 cm37°C18°C
Aug32°C25°C28°C4.7 cm39°C18°C
Sep30°C23°C27°C12.7 cm37°C13°C
Oct27°C19°C23°C8.2 cm36°C0°C
Nov23°C15°C19°C5.4 cm37°C-1°C
Dec19°C11°C15°C3.3 cm33°C-9°C

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