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SOLAR Music civil liberties Management minimal Russell Square house 10 - 12 Russell Square London WC1B 5EH united kingdom

Company Number: 08983482

SOLAR Music civil liberties Management restricted is a firm incorporated as private limited by shares, having actually its registered office located in England and also Wales.

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SOLAR Music rights Management restricted (also described as "SOLAR", "we" or "us") takes your privacy very seriously.

This policy sets out exactly how we will make use of any an individual data we obtain from you as a visitor come our website. It also describes her data defense rights. Much more information around your rights, and also how to exercise them, is collection out in the "Your rights" section.

We might collect and procedure the complying with information around you:

We collect personal information from tourists to ours website ( which includes information you administer when you call us via the contact details ~ above this website or report a difficulty with our website. The info you offer us might inter alia include your name, address, email deal with and phone call number.

With to the to each of her visits to our website we may instantly collect technological information, consisting of the net protocol (IP) address used to affix your computer system to the Internet, browser kind and version, time zone setting, web browser plug-in species and versions, operation system and platform.

We likewise work carefully with selected 3rd parties (including, because that example, company partners and also sub-contractors in technological services) and also may receive the over information around you native them.

In addition we organize other information you provide, such as your contact details, any type of correspondence the you send come us and also information i m sorry you provide to us.

Furthermore, no additional an individual information are accumulated and/or processed.

Personal details are only built up and/or handle to the level permitted by regulation or whereby you give us her explicit consent.

Use of info

To take procedures at her request. This includes:

communicating with you handling complaints and otherwise offering customer solutions to you come respond to any type of comments, complaints, enquiries or request you might send us and also for legitimate claims, compliance, regulatory and also investigative purposes as necessary.

Where you give us consent:

us may location cookies and may use similar technologies in accordance with our cookie Policy and the information noted to you once those technologies space used and on other occasions where we questioning you for consent, us will usage the data for the function which we define at that time

For purposes which are required by law, because that example:in response to request by government or law enforcement authorities conducting an investigation.

Sharing, Transfer and Location of information

We may also share your info with selected third parties, such as website hosting and service or maintain providers, who will process it on instead of of SOLAR because that the purposes established above. This includes:

Unfortunately, the transmission of info via the net is not completely secure. Although us will perform our best to safeguard your personal data, we cannot guarantee the protection of your datatransfer to our site; any type of transmission is in ~ your own risk. Once we have actually received her information, us will use strict procedures and security attributes to shot to stop unauthorised access.

We and also the parties we share your an individual data with might transfer, store and also otherwise process your an individual data everywhere within the European economic Area ("EEA" consisting of the UK).

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Your civil liberties

You have the right to ask united state for a copy that your an individual data; come correct, delete or border (stop any type of active) handling of your an individual data; and to achieve the an individual data you administer to united state for a contract or v your consent in a structured, device readable format, and also to ask united state to share (port) this data to an additional controller.

In addition, you can object to the processing of your personal data in some situations (in particular, where we don’t have actually to procedure the data to meet a legit requirement).

These rights might be limited, for instance if fulfilling her request would certainly reveal an individual data around another person, or if you ask us to delete information which us are forced by law to store or have compelling legitimate interests in keeping.

To exercise any of these rights, friend can get in touch with us using the details collection out in ~ the finish of this policy. If you have actually unresolved concerns, you have the right to complain to an EU data protection authority wherein you live, work or where you think a breach may have occurred. In the UK this is the information Commissioner’s Office.

Cookies/Cookie plan

A cookie is a small piece the data that might be sent from our web server to your browser. That is stored on your tough drive. A cookie cannot read data turn off your hard disk or check out cookie files developed by various other sites, and also will not damages your system.

SOLAR is cursed to first-class client service. As component of this, we want our website come work successfully for all that visit it, and to provide the best possible user experience. Ours website therefore makes limited use that cookies, to administer us with a better picture of just how it is gift visited and also used. This then helps us to additional improve the website.

How to delete or disable cookies

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