Pretty much everyone knows what a Boppy Lounger Pillow is, and the services of having such a pillow come act as a safe and also comfortable pillow lounger because that babies of varying ages. But because those geniuses in the infant product industry want to keep parents on their toes, there space always brand-new and interesting innovations for little ones, like lounger pillows.

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Main Differences between the cuddling Me vs DockaTot

The key differences in between the snuggle Me and also DockaTot are:

The DockaTot comes with patented breathable mesh fabric, whereas the cuddling Me walk notThe snuggle Me is Certified organic cotton, whereas the DockaTot is notThe DockaTot is slightly larger and perfect for as much as 8 months, conversely, the cuddling Me only goes up to 6 months

Even if girlfriend didn’t recognize what a baby lounger pad was prior to this, it’s hard to look earlier now.

Both the cuddle Me Organic and DockaTot offer a comfortable and safe alternative for offering extra convenient comfort to her baby, even if one has much more important features over the various other one. Once looking at them both, though, you have actually to number out what is most crucial for your baby and how lengthy you plan to also use it.

Ultimately, it’s her decision, however regardless, your baby will give thanks to you with many uninterrupted naps for going with a lounger choose these at all.

Bottom Line: ns lean towards the Dock A Tot obtainable here. It has actually the added benefit of breathable fabric and is much more durable (good if you plan to have an ext little ones!).

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FAQ about DockATot and Sleepyhead

Is DockATot the same as Sleepyhead?

No, the Sleepyhead is similar to the DockATot yet there are some important distinctions which I’ve covered here.

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Is DockATot Safe?

The DockATot is typically safer than co-sleeping WITHOUT any kind of bed, yet experts quiet caution that any kind of Co-Sleeping (whether a Moses basket, Sleepyhead, cuddling Me, etc…) still has actually some risks. One method to avoid this threat is to ar the DockATot in a crib, bassinet or the well-known HALO swivel bassinet (which still provides easy access and proximity for tired parents). The reality is, if you little one is a co-sleeper, the DockATot is a better solution for for sure sleep than having actually nothing at every in the bed. Be sure to store up to date with the latest security developers top top the American Academy that Pediatrics site, in specific for accuse on suddenly infant death syndrome hazard (SIDs).