it's been quite cold in Japan, i love itlisten top top youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8nGig78lNsthis tune is in "Ordinary song 2"https://0101.bandcamp.com/album/ordinary-songs-2

Genre .。:+*

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omni cheeks

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omni man

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This feeling like as soon as you promise someone you love youd win sometjing because that them and also then they it is in dead n shit yet you gotta store yo promise so climate you train tough to do your lived one proud and then once the time comes you oull through and also win

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Hit a brawl clip to this

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This slaps harder than my dads belt

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who was here due to the fact that the meme

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you’re a god if friend listened come this prior to thicc omni male meme existed

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this song's just. Good.

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yes daddy~~~~

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