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Lens Mount: created Sony E NEX mountain Mounts Fixed focal length Length: 50mm Lens Format: made for Full frame Cameras Lens Type: traditional Lens defend powered by prolong is accessible for acquisition to customers in the hold together States. Not accessible for purchase internationally or in U.S. Territories.
SLR Magic E-mount CINE: snapshot 1 regular

SLR Magic CINE II 50mm f/1.1 Lens for Sony E mountain

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ns tested 3 copies of this lens prior to buying, 2 were identical and also one to be slightly less good. The construct Quilty and feel is wonderful (can"t attest to lengthy term durability) I likewise have the 50mm F1.1, the 35mm has far better center sharpness, both lenses degrade an extremely quickly from a usable center area. Both lenses produce a surprising amount the sharpness as soon as stoped down to F4-8. Though the far corners will stay slightly soft.I am not seeing a lot of of color fringing. That course, i did no buy for overall sharpness over there are countless other lenses that have the right to do that. You space buying this lenses for the beautiful and sometimes unpridicable top quality that they bring to a portrait, etc.. So, depending upon your expectations and also intended usage you will love these lenses or find them totally useless.

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really blown far by the construct quality and durability of this tiny lens. Despite it has actually some slight vignetting and distortion, it is nothing that can"t be resolved in post. I use this lens generally for real estate interior photos and outdoor climbing photos once I require a vast angle. The preforms exceptional in ample light and also low light situations and also the thick/geared emphasis ring makes me feel like a professional.

SLR Magic introduce this brand-new version the the CINE 50mm lens v upgraded optics featuring a lens building of 7 lens aspects in six teams for much better image capture. Geared focus and aperture rings offer you ultimate manage over picture sharpness and aperture pulls. A 13-blade Iris allows you attain a rounded aperture and an innovative bokeh. Because the prior of the lens walk not turn as friend focus, friend can affix optional polarizing filter or accessories such as clip-on matte boxes.

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SLR Magic E-mount CINE Features

Cine II version through upgraded optics special a lens develop of seven aspects in six teams Focus and also iris gear rings because that integration through follow emphasis systems Clickless iris for ultra smooth exposure adjustments