Free trial

Available to new customers top top account activation. One every customer. Must administer email deal with and credit transaction card. Attempt will finish onthe day that is 3 days adhering to account activation or upon cancellation if subscription is cancelled before this date. Your account will be authorized to obtain programming upon your an initial login.

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After complimentary trial your credit card will certainly be fee monthly for applicable subscription until you cancel her service.


Cancel top top or visit to contact us. Programming fees room charged monthly in development and no credits or refunds will certainly be issued for partial or prepaid months after cancellation.

Streaming limitations

The variety of devices on i m sorry content deserve to be watched at the exact same time varies based on the service. If you i ordered it to ours Latino main point services, you have the right to enjoy 3 streams at a time. If you i ordered it to ours international core services, you can enjoy 3 streams in ~ a time. If you subscribe to our Orange service, you deserve to enjoy one stream at a time. Any kind of extras you add to your Orange organization will be had in your single stream. If you subscribe to our Blue service, you have the right to enjoy up to three streams the these channels at the very same time. Any kind of extras you include to your Blue organization will be contained in your three streams. If you i ordered it to both services in Orange + Blue, you deserve to enjoy up to 4 streams at the very same time. Since you room purchasing two separate services in Orange + Blue, girlfriend can gain the total number of streams had on each different service—one stream for any type of channel ~ above the single-stream Orange service and also three streams for networks on the multi-stream Blue service. To acquire up to four streams, walk to the my Account page and make certain that the “show me only Blue version of channels in both services” box is no checked.

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Certain programs might be unavailable due to programmer restrictions or blackouts. Only available within the unified States. State and local taxes apply. All prices, fees, charges, services, programming, features, functionality and also offers subject to adjust without notice.

Channels readily available in choose Markets

Some local networks including FOX and also NBC space only easily accessible in select markets. Check out which local channels are easily accessible in your area on our assist site

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