“I do not envy the headache you will have when friend wake, yet in the meantime remainder well and dream of huge women.”– Westley claims goodnight come the large Fezzik

Ahhhh! The Princess Bride.

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A Classic.

A favorite.

A movie that i can efficiently quote while drunk and/or sober.



“There is a shortage the perfect breasts in this world, ‘twould be a pity to damages yours.”

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The ideal humor consists of an facet of truth and we choose being truthful-

The future is unknowable.

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Although us have good intentions, we have tendency to usage curse words in lieu of lengthy 5-syllable words; talk about subjects that can be “insensitive” boo! come some- It’s simply what we do.

EDIA material is not recommended because that politically exactly persons – of any kind of type. You have actually been warned – bitches

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\"Life is no a trip to the grave through intentions of getting here safely in a nice well-preserved body, however rather come skid in broadside, thoroughly supplied up, entirely worn out and also loudly proclaiming \"Wow! What a ride!\"\" - Unknown


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You said it!

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