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Friendship is honestly amazing. What could be much better than having someone you have the right to lean ~ above in the challenging times and celebrate through in the great times?

Friendship is special, and sometimes it deserve to last a lifetime, and also it doesn’t should be romantic even when it’s in between two attractive individuals.

When a man and also a woman are friends the bond can be deep and also true.

From enjoying tasks together come close conversations and also sharing life advice, the friendship weathers nearly every storm the life throws in ~ it.

Except one.

The hurdle that many friendships can’t cross is as soon as one the you has feelings because that the various other – but both world aren’t emotion it. The awkwardness and also disappointment deserve to sink even a long, cherished friendship.

It can additionally cause males who may like your female friend as an ext than “just a friend” come hesitate on opening as much as her around their romantic feelings, afraid the doing so will certainly torpedo their valued platonic connection.

This guide is below for you.

26 indications that she likes friend as more than a friend:

1) review her body language

This doesn’t median anything creepy prefer some complex Enigma password that involves analyzing her panties. The just way paying attention to exactly how she moves and orients herself.

Does she twirl she hair, point her feet in her direction, have a flush in she cheeks and also sometimes choke on she words a bit?

These are all potential indicators that she’s attracted come you (or just ate too numerous Doritos). Either way, human body language is powerful.

If she likes you and also you’re observant, you’ll notice.

2) She responds to her body language

The other side come the coin is exactly how she responds come your own body language.

While most guys focus on what they’re speak to a girl, few pay sufficient attention to their body language.

And this is a huge mistake.

Because females are very tuned into the signals a man’s body is providing off. And also if your body language is giving off the appropriate signals, she’ll an ext likely than no respond v an emphatic ‘yes’ to you.

Let’s confront it: Being an excellent looking and also in shape have the right to be helpful when it involves women.

However, much an ext important is the signal you convey to them. Since it doesn’t matter what girlfriend look prefer or just how wealthy friend are…

…if you’re short, fat, bald, or stupid.

Any man deserve to learn some basic body language methods that force women to check out you as more than a friend.

Watch this excellent totally free video by Kate Spring.

Kate’s a relationship experienced who aided me enhance my own body language approximately women.

In this free video, she offers you several body language approaches like this guaranteed to aid you better attract women.

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3) she nervous around you for no reason

Obviously, she can be nervous for a factor you aren’t mindful of, too, yet if she appears to it is in nervous about you for no factor in a giddy, excited kind of method then you might be on more than just her friend radar.

What used to be a be sure day at the park has come to be her laughing awkwardly and also catching she breath when you turn to look at her.

She giggles nervously and also touches her arm once you make a joke in a means that a girl would who has romantic feelings.

These are huge signs. She i will not ~ be nervous approximately you if you were simply a friend.

4) She butter you up

If she’s hitting you with thoughtful compliments left and right you could be all set to hop aboard Steampship Sexytime. Or she might be simply a great friend who wants to an increase you up.

How come tell the difference?

If she’s complimenting friend on your appearance and also everyday action you perform for her then she’s indicating clean romantic interest.

If she just uses the “atta boy” ton it’s a friend compliment.

I’ll to trust you to be able to tell the difference.

5) She showers you with flirtatious attention, climate withdraws

In various other words, she plays hot and cold, going after ~ you hard one day through all sorts of flirtatious behavior and then pulling earlier cooly and acting like simply a casual girlfriend the next day.

You start to think you did something wrong or p*ssed her off.

But no, you’re simply along because that the rollicking journey on the Love Loop rollercoaster.

What need to you do?

Be interested, yet stay cool. Nothing be one overeager Evan (no offense to any type of Evans in the crowd) and jump at any type of romantic fist she gives you, as that will lower your worth in her eyes.

The ideal thing you have the right to do is to pull away a little bit yourself.

It’s a psychological fact that as soon as we fear we’re walking to shed something, we desire it 10x more.

This is where “nice guys” get it for this reason wrong. Women have no “fear of loss” with a nice guy… and that provides them nice unattractive.

If you desire your girl to end up being obsessed through you, then inspect out this excellent free video.

What you’ll discover in this video clip isn’t precisely pretty — yet neither is love.

6) She’s focused on you and also touches friend a lot

If her female girlfriend touches you a lot of and always seems to speak to you even when she in a team then she is probably into you.

She may frequently bump your arm or next by mistake.

Or slide up closer come you as soon as you sit top top a bench or in the car.

She might even rest her head on your shoulder now and also then. Ding ding, you have just won the love lottery. Stroke she hair and return the favor.

7) she dressed to the nines (with you in mind)


Your female girlfriend may have actually a high sense of format normally, but if you notice she’s been dressed come the nines lately then there’s a an excellent chance she has you in mind.

When you come to the door or choose her up and also you deserve to tell she’s preferred an extra-sexy peak or hip-hugging jeans that obtain your mojo walking … it’s probably not in her imagination.

Don’t check out too much into this tip, though. A woman has every right to look exceptional without inviting her girlfriend to struggle on her.

But combined in addition to the various other tips in this list it’s a definite sign.

8) her schedule is busy, however it always seems open for you

If her friend is busy but always seems to have actually time for you it might be a authorize that did you do it crossed the bridge from Friendship ar onto romantic Road.

She may simply want come spend an ext time with you due to the fact that you’re a great pal.

But yes sir a an excellent possibility it’s since she’s starting to crave her presence and attention in more than simply a trusted way.

Does she text you up out of the blue to fulfill up? desire to know what you’re act frequently? Prioritize seeing you on her liven schedule?

Just friends may be going out the window, friend.

9) she your greatest backer

Whether you’re having an concern at work or a fight with your friends, this girl has actually your back.

She pole up for you passionately and really appears to view your side, even on complicated, emotionally issues.

She’s your biggest cheerleader and also she fights like a lion for your interests. It’s kind of heartwarming.

And it’s also the habits of a mrs in love.

10) She teases girlfriend in a playful, flirtatious way

There’s friend teasing and then yes more-than-friend teasing. If she’s teasing friend in a flirtatious way, providing you nicknames and playfully caressing you in various methods then she likes you.

A girl knows how to show that she attracted.

And if you’re clever you’ll know just how to review her signals. Prefer this one.

11) She tries to get your fist much much more than a girlfriend would

One the the most typical things human being do when they choose someone is try to gain their attention.

Sometimes castle overdo it and also drive away the thing of your affection, yet other times it works and also the human being realizes they are the recipient of a crush.

If you want to it is in that person then open your eyes.

Is she seeking her attention, to brush a bit closer to you once she overcome by, offering you flirtatious, meaningful looks?

Does she questioning you numerous questions and also frequently try to obtain you involved? She’s more than likely head over heels for you.

12) She watch dazed and confused

She can’t seem to concentration – especially about you – and also she looks dazed and confused in general.

Her head (heart) is in the clouds and also she appears happy however unfocused.

The barista has to say she name double at the cafe as soon as her Pumpkin summer sprouts Latte is ready because she’s dreamily staring at you.

Come on, mine friend, she wants to be much more than friends.

13) She hovers on your social networks prefer crazy


If she’s right into you she’s going to be following every little thing you short article on society networks like a hawk.

Liking, loving, clicking, commenting, mentioning in conversation: that’ll it is in her.

She might technique the level that borderline stalker, and also if it makes you feeling you need a little of virtual an are don’t be afraid to phone call her. Yet otherwise soak increase the attention and let the posts and also photos paris (don’t shot to do her deliberately jealous through posting friend with various other girls, though, that’s simply immature and also passive-aggressive).

Especially if you post a photo of you and also her she’ll do everything she deserve to to amplify and also share the online and talk come you around it a lot.

“That to be such a good photo, wasn’t it? best day ever.”

It could be even far better once she’s your girlfriend.

14) Her confront looks different

I median literally different. As in she’s wearing extra or different make-up.

She’s doing what a many girls do when they are into a guy: do the efforts to capture his attention and also heart through that subtle shade of new eye shadow, that extra rouge on she cheeks.

Is the working?

Well the an initial step is come notice. She most likely didn’t touch up her mascara for 45 minutes prior to your “friend date” to watch the latest will Ferrell movie just since you’re together a great buddy.

Take a hint.

15) You have suddenly come to be a world-famous comedian (in she eyes)

She is laughing at her jokes like you are now a world-famous comedian. She is slapping she knees and howling.

She chuckles at even the stupidest jokes girlfriend make, ones that even you wouldn’t laugh at.

What’s walking on?

Well, indications space that romantic is beginning to bloom and also there’s simply a chance that she desires to tickle more than your funny bone.

If you feeling the exact same then sit ago and bask in the appreciation. She a funny man, man (to her).

16) she twirling she hair v stars in her eyes

Playing through her hair, like I mentioned above, can be a big one. It shows a little bit of nervousness and potential romantic interest.

When she’s looking in ~ you try to an alert if she tugs and also twists just a little bit extra.

That’s a authorize of you pulling at she heartstrings and also the depth of her desire welling up inside her.

Plus, doesn’t her hair look exceptional in the September sun? Winning.

17) She desires to increase the friendship

This sign can be a little bit disorienting because it’s straightforward to misinterpret.

Sometimes her female friend will desire to deepen and also intensify her existing friendship. She i will not ~ “make a move” or tell you she’s right into you, however she’ll look for you out more often, desire to have actually deeper conversations and want to obtain your opinion top top everything.

There are assorted reasons because that this, but a usual one is the she desires to be a couple with you however she’s doing it by just trying to press the accelerator top top the friendship until it immediately gears up right into love.

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Sometimes the works, so nothing be fear to sign up with her together a co-pilot and let she know exactly how you feel.