They tell him the details of the procedure, but he finds it hard to hear over the ringing in his ears. The high pitched static buzzing that fills up the room and crackles across his skin. He hears the words. Understands them. But he can’t totally absorb them. They sink into his mind choose pebbles dropped onto molasses, sinking progressively, unrumelted and floating leisurely downward. And as soon as they finally reach the bottom, it’s a gentle landing, bacount a press. Knowledge sitting tright here on the tip of understanding without truly sinking in.

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A haze has actually settled about him. It’s been tright here considering that the moment he fell from the stage and also pain swarm up his leg. It was tbelow was human being rumelted approximately him, hectic movement swirling, chaotic. A storm in which he was the eye, immobile, calm, invarious to the winds battering his edges.

It was tbelow as he was helped to the automobile and also thrust to the hospital. It was there as his friends spoke around him, muting their words, dimming their touches, making them feel far-off.

It was tright here as he sat in the waiting room, surrounded by human being he knew and also loved. Friends, all dressed in babsence. Their encounters bacount registered, even when they crouched in front of him. He might just tell them apart by flashes of color.

Oselection and also purple moving about, corralling all of them, pressing a clipboard and a pen right into his hands, guiding him softly as he filled out the blank lines. He watched his hand also move, far-off and also absently curious as they shifted, scribbling out words in a handwriting that was a messy version of his very own, the shaking of his fingers visible in the pen strokes.

Pink in his vision, cupping his cheeks through hands that were little and also warm, lips relocating in words that he didn’t rather hear, breakable functions pinched in worry. Yellow at his side, arm draped hefty and also thick around his shoulders. Environment-friendly behind him, periodically flashing in his vision when his head tilted instantly at sounds, tiny hands in his hair, running via his locks soothingly and methodically, blunt nails scratching at his scalp before dropping dvery own to rub at his back.

Red. Red hovering around the group. Red staying at the sidelines. Red a shadow just beyond the others. Red and also midnight eyes creased and glistening via far too many emotions for his rattled mind to understand also. Red settling into the seat at his side. A hand also in his, warmth and calloprovided fingers, palms oddly soft against his own. An occasional squeeze, a pinching of his fingers, grounding, anchoring as soon as he started to drift.

Time had actually slipped ameans. Time holding him suspended as it swirled around him, moving quickly and also slowly in transforms. Then he was ushered right into one more room. Another flurry of deals with. Pokes and also prods. More pain shooting up his leg. He thinks he can have actually shouted, however he doesn’t quite remember.

He’s in that room currently.

He feels his lips relocating to answer questions, hears his voice choose he’s listening from another room. It badepend sounds favor his own, just as muffled as the others.

He sees the activity in the room like he’s watching from afar. Like he’s trapped in his very own body but not quite occupying it. It’s all so remote. Movements are disconnected from his awareness of them, making them relocate sluggishly and far too quickly overall. There’s a hold-up to whatever reaching his senses.

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He doesn’t remember calling his parental fees, but someone need to have bereason they say that they’re on their way. When they gain tright here, they just include to the storm about him. Another flurry of words, sounds, voices, activity, familiar smells that stand out in stselection, stark relief versus the sterile hospital setting. Everypoint is too white. It seems to glow unnaturally, a fuzzy aura clinging to every little thing. His friends relocating choose shadow smudges versus the pristine backdrop.