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First Line:

Sing a song, spread some cheer

Songbook: Praise! Our Songs and Hymns

Page Number: 511

Tune Key: D

Language: English

Authors: John W. Peterson

Chorus 1

Sexactly how a little bit of love and also kindnessNever go along with hatred"s blindnessTake a tiny time to reach for joyAnd wear a happy faceSing a tiny bit as soon as the days are drearyGive a little help to a frifinish who"s wearyThat"s the way to make the people a happy place

Verse 1

Sing a song (sing a song)Spcheck out some cheer (spread some cheer)Tbelow are sad and lonely human being everywhereBe a friend (be a friend)Sexactly how some love (show some love)It will lift them from the dungeons of despair

Verse 2

Offer help (market help)Bring some hope (lug some hope)To the fainting and also discouraged on life"s roadSee a need (view a need)Lend a hand (lend a hand)Tright here are many who are cruburned beneath their load

Verse 3

Be a light (be a light)Show the method (show the way)Be a light within the night for those astraySoptimal a word (stop a word)Loving word (loving word)That will certainly carry them earlier to walk the narrowhead way

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