We intend this design to perform similarly to the tested Shark Navigator professional Lift-Away NV356E return it might differ in price and also features.

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Clean emissions

ours measurement the the quantity of wood-flour particles a vacuum released under 2 conditions: first, as soon as only the motor to be turned on, and second, when vacuuming.


ours measurement the the quantity of wood-flour particles a vacuum released under two conditions: first, when only the motor was turned on, and second, if vacuuming.

The Shark Navigator expert Lift-Away NV355 is part of the Vacuum Cleaners test regimen at customer Reports. In our lab tests, Upright Vacuums models prefer the Navigator experienced Lift-Away NV355 space rated on many criteria, such together those listed below.

Carpet Indicates exactly how much embedded talc and sand a vacuum lifted indigenous a medium-pile carpet.

Bare floors Shows exactly how well a vacuum picked up sand there is no dispersing it on bare floors.

Tool airflow suggests the toughness of airflow through the hose.

Brush on/off

one on/off switch for the rotating brush allows you prevent the brush indigenous rotating as soon as using devices or cleaning bare floors. This helps get rid of scattered dust on ceiling floors and reduces the danger of injury if the vacuum tips over during use. It also reduces the danger of damaging a carpet or the complete of a bare floor if the vacuum sits in ar at the low-height setting.

easy on/off

A move that's situated on the manage or whereby your foot can activate it is more convenient than one on the human body of the vacuum.

Manual-pile adjust

allows you change the height of the maker to a carpet's pile height to permit for basic movement and also thorough cleaning. Adjustments room automatic on part models, but we choose the much more precise manual regulate afforded by some models.

Suction control

This attribute reduces the circulation of air v the hose, which have the right to be helpful when cleaning upholstery and curtains.

Retractable cord

typical in canisters, not uprights, a retractable cord is one you can rewind via a slight tug or a press button.

Full-bag/bin indicator

part models have a function alerting the user as soon as the dust bag or container is full, i m sorry impairs the vacuum's ability to clean. Some such models that space bagless simply have a clear bin, letting you see as soon as the bin is full. Other models have an electronic indicator.

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High performance particulate wait (HEPA) filter

High-efficiency particulate-air (HEPA) filters administer the highest level of vacuum-cleaner filtration. In ours tests, models with a HEPA filter have actually been an extremely effective in ~ reducing emissions. However, some models the don't have HEPA filters have actually performed just also in our emissions tests, and such vacuums may expense less 보다 HEPA models.


This feature typically uses a transmission and also drive device to aid the pushing and also pulling of the vacuum, in order to requiring little effort by the user. This feature, however, generally adds load that can make some vacuums very heavy and daunting to lug or use on stairs.