The above title (no, ns not writing it the end every solitary time…) is a fandisk for Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo. Quite than being just one story, it is split into 6 different tales. As the characters, arts style, soundtrack and setup are all pretty similar, if not the same, as the initial I nothing feel the this visual novel deserves a full review – so rather I will provide a quick review of my think on each route.

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The first story, and also for numerous the just reason for reading the fandisk, is all around the “villain” the the original Sharin no Kuni: Masaomi Houzuki. That not really often the you obtain to check out the events that do the antagonist into who lock are, and also even less common to suffer them in this detail. When not practically as long as the initial game, i was much more than happy through the size of Houzuki’s background – i was never bored, in spite of the similarity to the original story, and also I no feel the the story overstayed its welcome. My only complaint is the you know specifically what the plot twist will be appropriate from the get-go (if did you do it played the original and also have much more than one brain cell, the is). There are an extremely few, if any, surprises in this first story.


 You may be happy to hear the the next 4 episodes are prolonged epilogues because that each heroine from the initial game. Some of you may remember that among the just complaints ns had around Himawari no Shoujo was the the epilogues for each heroine were too short, yet these people are simply too long. They’re just really, really drawn out, through nothing at every happening for long stretches at a time. Natsumi’s route was most likely the many enjoyable, with a reasonable premise that didn’t bore me too much, and also Ririko’s was by much the worst with there being no discernible purpose to the story at all. I came out the the very first game liking Ririko rather a bit, and also that opinion was finish reversed by her story in Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo. Touka and also Sachi’s routes were both an extremely meh, and I don’t have much come say about them past the general comments i made earlier (though I need to probablt allude out that Sachi’s path is more or much less a rehash that what wake up in the original).

 The final section of the novel is just unlocked after playing the an initial 5, and also stars a personality from the an initial game the you might struggle to remember: Eri Nagumo. : she’s the girl the Houzuki murders for being late to the distinct High class Individual exam…by about 5 minutes.

While it was short, i quite favored Eri’s course – it’s absolutely a novel principle to even include, and it was pulled turn off well. After play it ns was maybe to far better appreciate her role in the original novel, and even cared around what taken place to her in spite of the reasonably small lot of call time.

 Summary – as whole I would absolutely recommend Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo, suspect you preferred Himawari no Shoujo (and who wouldn’t, really?), even if you just play Houzuki’s route. While the 4 expanded epilogues space dry and also uninteresting for the most part, especially when contrasted to the high quality of the very first game, the first and last routes are both that high quality in concept and also execution.

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Houzuki and also Eri courses only: 8/10 – Good

Other routes: 6/10 – Average

For those of you that are interested in this fandisk, here’s the opening sequence for her viewing pleasure.