Seeing as how there's very low thorough information about the internet around this once I collection it up, I'm going to short article my setups all in neat images for anyone to mimic. Setups are because that PCSX2 1.0.0

EDIT: These setups are because that 60 VPS

PC specs

i5 760


GTX 660


GSD settings

GSD HW Hacks

Emulation Settings




GS window






Imgur album through all noted images


Please be conscious that there is no a kind intel processor (preferable overclocked to 4.0Ghz) the your framerate may be low. Various other than that have fun.

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Is it simply me, or walk his picture look super stretched and also distorted since of the 1920x1080 res?

I don't recognize how people can play favor that, it looks therefore bad.

not trying come be as well rude, but is this post really needed? every you walk was revolve speed hacks on... It is pretty typical knowledge to rate up games :/ and also thats every you had to say, was favor turn EE/VU sliders up to 2.

and if this is a per-game setups for this certain game, why space you turning on software program rendering threads and also edge AA for software rendering? you perform realize the is only setting when girlfriend run software program rendering right? the only point to use software program rendering, is in games which dont work-related with hardware rendering. SoTC works with hardware rendering, therefore why have that setting have something to perform with running sotc at complete speed? if anything having that on, will just confuse people. Likewise the variety of rendering threads can only be approximately the variety of threads on her cpu. Otherwise friend will shed performance. (same v MTVU speedhack, forced 3+ cores or it will drop performance).

have no proviso why wild CRC is on when running in ~ 4x indigenous resolution :/

lastly why room you using complete texture filtering. Nearly no games support complete texture filtering. Usage 1/2 structure filtering instead. That is the factor your HUD is so fked up. Complete texture filtering no work good with 2d textures.

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i also would be cynical at to run at complete speed during combat through a 2.8ghz i5 and gtx660 to run 4x indigenous resolution. Just since you deserve to move about at the begin of the video game for a couple of seconds at complete speed, no really typical much. Uneven you played the video game 100% start to finish and also did whatever in the video game with no lag, you have the right to not case this will work-related for full speed that the game.

lastly you room using a 3+ year old version of pcsx2. I think newer ones may have greater requirements. Its top top 1.3.0 now