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So below is an additional blog in this "series". Now it is about their One Fine day in Japan. You deserve to again find here funny moments, photos and also videos and of course links to all episodes! :smile:

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One Fine job Japan



This is needful! This is Seventeen"s 2nd Show One well Day. It"s the most famous display where Seventeen were! therefore you have to watch it or at least know around it :blush:



Key/password for each episode:


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8



★★Episode 1★★


The beggining!

At the very least now that won"t be together last time..

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I mean..

Something as survive! You space a castaway!

Now it will be something choose real vacations^^


There are 2 teams

Hyung"s team & Dongsaeng"s team

They will certainly be againgst each other in missions

Who tell lock what missions they have?

It"s a cute puppy! His name is Yumi! :heart_eyes:


And the objectives will be really hard! :wink:

In very first Episode they split to already said 2 teams and also chose their captain(leader)

Then they had to choose from 2 luggages.. Read and also blue

One better one worse XD

So very first day was an ext lucky because that hyung"s team who made decision the better luggage and also had much better day :wink:

Or... Really everyone the them?

When hyung"s team were heading somewhere they lost somewhere your little, cute, beloved fairy :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah the is as you room reading. Woozi shed himself. He was all alone (maybe from right here is the name of the album? :no_mouth: :smirk: ) poor Woozi-shi~

He was even so shy come ask because that directions! therefore the staff had to perform it for him.. Negative cutie pie~

Later he to be so happy as soon as he finally found his members :smile:

(SEVENTEEN One Fine work in Japan EP.01) Woozi"s Fate


★★Episode 2★★



In this illustration was the mission clear

Go and also buy 4 ingredients, then come to the park in time!


Hata Hata




Butter mochi

All of the ingredients both groups get quickly except.... Butter mochi

Nobody has actually it

Why butter mochi!?! :tired_face: Why is that so hard to uncover it?!?

But hyung"s team was lucky.. One seller had actually it.. One last piece. So yes they have actually it all! :heart_eyes: currently they have the right to go to the park in peace due to the fact that dongsaeng"s team quiet hasn"t everything

Poor Dongsaeng team was out of time. Mingyu together a captain had actually to run to some supermarked which was much away amd acquire butter mochi if the rest of the team saw the park

Poor Mingyu ran and ran to obtain the item and also get to the park.. Exactly how lucky the was the in the shop butter mochi yes, really was! after he had actually buy it he ran again to the park

Funny is that he to be that fast that he even catched up with his teammates even if they had actually 5 minutes lead! :joy: :joy:

But still... Come the park they came few minutes later on than they should have...

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Now guys, display us what you bought!

Hyung"s team Dongsaeng"s team

:heavy_check_mark: Hata Hata :heavy_check_mark:

:heavy_check_mark: Hinaj-jidori :heavy_check_mark:

:heavy_check_mark: Iburi-gakko :heavy_check_mark:

:heavy_check_mark: Butter mochi :heavy_check_mark:

:heavy_multiplication_x: Kiritanpo :heavy_check_mark:

Hyung"s team had one item wrong!

So now....

Who will certainly win?

Team who was late?

Or team who had actually one items wrong?

Who carry out you think? :smirk: :smirk:

:exclamation: Hyung"s team :exclamation:

Congratulations! :smile:

And what walk they win?

Big dinner!!

Nom Nom Nom :poultry_leg: :meat_on_bone: