Name B-Trek H10 v4.0
Model LS-4570 v4.0
Series Bluetooth Headphone
Type Bluetooth Headphone
Warranty 1 Year

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physics SPECS
Connector Plug 3.5mm / USB because that Charge
Cable Length 1.2 meter Cable
Size 195 x 184 x 74mm
Net Weight 255gr
Gross Weight 360gr



These B-Trek H10 headphones have actually a lot of of great things going because that them including aesthetics, top quality of design, battery life, and their capacity to not only occupational wirelessly but also with a wire. I specifically like the wired feature due to the fact that it adds not just to the power life but additionally to the top quality of sound and to the as whole user base, which is a great thing the not sufficient headphones come with.With regard come looks, ns really like the means these room presented. They perform not look favor knock-offs but instead choose an different brand design. The coloration yes, really stands out and also makes these present well and also look great, which accents the design and functionality.
Okay therefore this headset is very nice and also gets relatively loud but not overly loud as part I have actually used. It"s an extremely clear and offers a kind amount that bass through treble sounding fine.I discovered it amazing that if you plugin the auxiliary cable it will rotate the strength to the Bluetooth off however when girlfriend unplug that you turn the headset earlier on in a few seconds it will re-pair to the phone and then resume playback. The headset is really soft is an extremely comfortable and it has actually it has actually a an extremely attractive watch in mine opinion.It offers both beeps and voice prompts to provide you different status indications and obviously there is one LED that mirrors you the things as well.Again it"s no the loudest headset I"ve ever used however it is really clear and really comfortable.The consisted of carrying case and the foldable aspect make these a an excellent unit you can enjoy listening to music v or make the sometimes phone speak to with if desired.

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Powerful & Stylish Bluetooth stereo Headphone / integrated Mic because that handsfree functionalityAUX line in permits music playback from assorted sources also when no chargedDeluxe carry case for straightforward transportation & care / Tangle cost-free flat 3.5mm audio cableUp to 15 hrs battery life / Lightweight designFoldable headphone for easy storage