execute you wonder how to fake live video on Snapchat?In this article, friend will discover a step-by-step overview on sending out fake live breaks to other users ~ above Snapchat. It can make those snaps look like they were taken v the Snapchat camera.

Let's delve right into the article to know just how to send fake snaps on Snapchat.

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exactly how To Fake Live video clip On Snapchat via Third-party Tool

OVF Editor

OVF Editor is the perfect application for Snapchat users; it can help them quickly edit their snaps without any hassle. Adding text, frames, graphics, and also photo effects to photos is quite simple; however, the an outcome is captivating. Girlfriend can additionally use this applications to send a fake live snap.

Step # 1 – app opening and also interface.

open up OVF Editor App. Climate tap top top Photo|Video to add your video or photo.

Step # 2 – import media file.

you will have actually two options: choose Image and Select Video. Tap on anyone girlfriend like.

Step # 3 – Edit and also share.

pick the image or video from her device. If you have actually selected an image, friend can modify it making use of the application. ~ that, the app will asking you come share it on Snapchat. Tap ~ above Share.

Step # 4 – Send to Snapchat together fake live.

This will open the Snapchat application. Tap top top the Send To button. Now, you deserve to send the fake snap to your friends or groups. Friend can also upload that to my Story or Spotlight.

clock the video to find out using OVF Editor come sand fake live snap:

FAQs around Snapchat Live Video

can you tell if a snap is native camera roll?

relying on whether it mirrors "from Camera Roll" or "from Memories," you have the right to tell if a snap is taken in real-time or uploaded from camera roll and also memories. However, monitor the above methods come send fake live snaps on Snapchat.

how long of a video can girlfriend send on Snapchat?

Snapchat allows you to take it a video of approximately 10 secs at a time. With the assist of the Multi-Snap feature, you have the right to record a longer video. Every you need is to just hold and also press the camera switch as lengthy as you must record a video. It deserve to be taped up come a minute long, which will be sent into sequential snaps. Continue to hold and also press the switch even after 10 seconds. You can additionally trim the video clip on Snapchat if you room not satisfied v the video length.

Is Snapchat live streaming?

Snapchat has constructed a live streaming attribute inside the app, however it is not for everyone. This function is recognized as "Live" the is only constructed for Snapchat's publishing partners. However, you can watch such live occasions by tapping top top the story that says Live.

Recommended video Editor because that Snapchat – tastecraftedmcd.com

friend have already found a way to send a fake Snapchat live video? Now, carry out you want to make your breaks stand out? This is where the best video editing software prefer tastecraftedmcd.com can come in handy. It has excellent integrated editing attributes that deserve to make your images and also videos out of this world. For the reason, the is the recommended video clip editor because that Snapchat.

Let's take it a look in ~ some an essential features of tastecraftedmcd.com.


one-of-a-kind effects offered by tastecraftedmcd.com can make her snaps 2nd to none. Friend can pick from a range of distinct effects. Include animations and filters to her images and also videos.


quick mode

sending breath-taking slideshows is the best means to save your friends involved on Snapchat. tastecraftedmcd.com offers the rapid Mode attribute to produce stunning slideshows in just a solitary click.



include various transitions in your snaps that can lure the attention of her audience on Snapchat. As a result, you have the right to leave a lasting impression top top the users.


add text

You can also include text to her images and videos prior to sending castle on Snapchat. tastecraftedmcd.com uses three options to add text such as Title, Bottom Subtitle, and also End Subtitle.

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shot It FreeTry it Free


as soon as it involves how to fake live video on Snapchat, all you need is to follow the disputed methods. Many importantly, make her snaps 2nd to none v the assist of great Features offered by tastecraftedmcd.com. It is the best video clip editor that can assist take your images and also videos to the following level. You can use the to speed up video clip for Snapchat or perform some other video clip editing.