Amazon has implemented added requirements for the footwear classification to improve the in its entirety shopping experience for pair of shoes on Amazon. supports every the particular attributes compelled by Amazon because that shoe listings and also has built logic and also automation to make controlling your products, while staying compliant, as simple as possible.

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Below you can learn much more about the alters that room being made and what you must do come make sure your data is compliant through the requirements. 

What transforms Are gift Made?How to control This ~ above tastecraftedmcd.comConverting her Data to make It CompliantAmazon compelled AttributesFrequently asked Question

What alters Are being Made?

Amazon is requiring much more data from sellers that hope to effectively list footwear on This contains fields favor Age variety Description, Footwear dimension Class, and more. There are also changes to how some areas must it is in formatted. For example, dimension (now Footwear Size) will certainly either be formatted as:

Numeric: 7, 7.5, 8, etc.Numeric range: 7-8, 8.5-9, etc. Alpha: One-Size, Small, X-LargeAlpha Range: Small-Medium, Medium-LargeAge: 6 months, 2 yearsAge Range: 6-12 months, 2-3 years

There are pick valid worths for footwear size. Therefore while "7" and "7.5" may work, "Seven" and "7 1/2" carry out not.

How to manage This on

While has made the necessary changes to send the exactly product features to Amazon, be certain that you have actually each of these mandatory qualities (Target Gender, Amazon shoe Size, dimension Unit, Amazon Shoe dimension Width and Age Range) and also your Smart kind filled out with a valid value as explained below. Every of these characteristics is accessible in QuickEdit and is importable/exportable, make it basic to export your footwear SKUs through the exactly fields, do the edits to the download spreadsheet and import ago into We"ve collection up a QuickEdit watch to you obtain started!

Amazon compelled Attributes

This table shows every one of the characteristics now compelled by Amazon. If the five required features (see above) are correctly filled the end in all the other attributes below will be inferred through"s code and included in the product data feed, do it simpler for friend to obtain your listing up on Amazon!


1. Gender

Please get in one of these valid values:






2. Amazon shoe Size

This have the right to be a solitary value (i.e. 8.5, 6, or Small) or a selection (i.e. 7-8, Medium-Large) and in mix with size Unit suggests the dimension standard. 

Valid examples:






Invalid examples:


12 us (M)

3. Dimension Unit

This brand-new attribute is linked with size to give complete size information. Usage this field to signify unit, or standard, dimension value. The valid values for size Unit are:



us footwear- for numeric size or size ranges such together 9.5 or 6-7

other- default worth if the ar is left blank

4. Amazon Shoe size Width

The valid worths for Shoe width are:










5. Age Range

The valid values for Age range are:

Up come 2

Ages 3-5

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-10

Ages 10-12

Ages 13+

All Ages

Note: for adult sizes, pick All Ages.

6. Clever Type

Filling in her Smart type is always a great idea top top In this case, there"s the included bonus the inferring the appropriate Department and also automatically completing the complex mapping come comply v Amazon"s footwear requirements.

You can learn much more about Smart species in our article: how to Categorize your SKUs with Smart Types/Amazon article Types.

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All other required attributes will it is in inferred through based upon the features above!

Converting her Data to do It Compliant

For present listings, you’ll desire to usage the data in the Size field to populate the new attributes noted above, splitting out the width and size unit right into their own fields. Below are two examples to illustrate:

If her product is a men’s shoes with dimension “7.5 (M) US”, the new attributes would be fill out as follows:

Gender: Men

Amazon shoe Size: 7.5

Amazon Shoe size Width: medium

Size Unit: us footwear

Age Range: every Ages

If her product is a child’s shoes with dimension attribute “7 M US big Kid”, the brand-new data fields would be:

Gender: Boys

Amazon shoes Size: 7

Amazon Shoe dimension Width: medium

Size Unit: united state footwear

Age Range: periods 10-12

Frequently request Questions

Q: exactly how will these changes affect my shoe listings on various other sales channels?

A: due to the fact that the dimension attribute deserve to remain the exact same (Amazon channel qualities are being used), these alters will not impact your shoes listings on various other channels.

Q: mine shoes usage European/UK sizing. What value need to I use for dimension Unit?

A: In this case, you"ll need to carry out the similar size in the us footwear size system.

If you space a shoe seller, be certain to adhere come these needs to make certain you don"t operation into any kind of listing errors as soon as listing shoes on Amazon.  Happy Selling!