Selena Gomez has actually been rocking some super sexy formats on her expedition to brand-new York City this week, however it might be impossible to optimal what she wore critical night.

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After enjoying The Weeknd's concert at the Barclays center Tuesday, the 24-year-old stepped out with her man for dinner v some friends in ~ the NYC hot-spot Carbone.

However, while too many of attention surrounding the famous pair as they entered the restaurant, SelGo to be the one who had heads turning with her ensemble. The former Disney star rocked a skin-tight, see-through black color dress that left small to the imagination. 

A resource dished some details about the couple's evening and also couldn't help but comment on Gomez's style, noting the "what she was wearing rotate heads once she walked in and out."

The Weeknd showed up in "good spirits," looking stylish also while rocking a eco-friendly bomber jacket through a corresponding hat, black color jeans and also black Puma tennis shoes. 

Our insider dished that the couple held hands together the came and also left and also restaurant, opting come sit with their team in a "more exclusive area" whereby "no one bothered them."

We're told castle enjoyed a few of Carbone's dishes, which are fairly large so they were able to share every other's meals.

"They continued to be for a while and also acted favor a typical couple on day night," our resource shared, noting the they speak throughout dinner and looked fairly "romantic" together.

Another resource told us the pair left the restaurant approximately 2:30 a.m. And also headed back to SelGo's hotel in SoHo. The "Bad Liar" singer common a video clip on she Instagram stories, stop onto her man and also giving the camera a sultry stare as they drove home.

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Meanwhile, SelGo has been doubling down on supporting her beau during his New York City tourism stops while also fulfilling her own press tourism obligations at the exact same time.

After making some stops Monday, she met up v her guy for dinner in ~ Rao's, i beg your pardon Vanity Fair once referred to as "New York's most exclusive restaurant."

An insider called us around their night out, revealing, "They seemed really comfortable v each other. They to be a very humble couple and were an extremely warm come the staff. Selena and also The Weekend had some cute moments. They hosted each other's hands together they entered and exited the place, and also mid-meal castle touched every other's arm."

The resource added, "You have the right to visibly tell they are completely in love with each other. The didn't take his eyes off Selena the whole time, and she smiled and also laughed throughout the meal. They were talking around all different things the seemed, and also also around what Selena to be doing throughout the day."

Another resource close to The Weeknd noted that the couple has been greatly seeing each other at night while they're both in new York City, "mainly due to the fact that Selena been really busy v press and running around."

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