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We would prefer to welcome friend to choose Property Management. Here at select Property Management, our score is to find the perfect rental for you. We have actually over 600 rental properties in our inventory. Just provide us a contact at (270) 842-9478 come hear more about our existing vacancies.

Select home Management has been serving Bowling Green"s rental needs since 1991. We strive to make your rental endure pleasurable and also stress-free. We realize you have actually a lot of of options for your housing needs and through your residency, us will continue to present you our evaluation for giving us this opportunity.

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"Great team of world there to work with indigenous the owner and all the staff. Really courteous, professional, and also eager to help. They have really clean and also nice rentals and also go above and past to make certain each unit is in height shape. Castle genuinely care around their tenants we check out their caring personalities often. Would recommend them come anyone. Top-notch company"

"There is nothing negative I can say around Select residential or commercial property Management! The staff is constantly friendly and also helpful. I"ve never ever had any kind of issues. And any questions or pertains to I"ve had have to be answered with a quickness. Their properties room nice, and also I would recommend them come anyone! You would not be disappointed!"

"I’ll be honest, this agency has part serious organization savvy and also has a long background of success here in BG. Your properties are super affordable and they have actually a selection that appeals to all demographics. Although the is a really stern gentleman, the owner is a class act and also has went above and past for me and also my roommates. Optimistic experience life here."

"The employee is expertise of worries with payment dates due come unforeseen events such as VA backpay etc.... The females do constantly smile and also are happy i beg your pardon is refreshing! The residences room nice and relatively brand-new in every way!"

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Please contact us at (270) 842-9478 to gain a complete listing of the properties select Property Management has actually available. We have actually over 600 nature in the Bowling environment-friendly Area.