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Elaine and also numerous co-workers stand also about a table which has a cake sitting on it.

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ALL (singing): Happy birthday to you.

WALTER: Thanks.

Everyone claps.

FEMALE WORKER: Elaine, cake?

ELAINE: Uh, no, thanks.

FEMALE WORKER: It"s Walter"s distinct day.

ELAINE: You know, tright here are 200 human being who occupational in this office. Every day is somebody"s unique day.

Elaine takes a item of cake and also makes her method to the door, however is stopped as a male worker moving a cake enters.

MALE WORKER: Elaine! Where"re you going? It"s Walter"s last day. We need to celebrate.

ELAINE: It"s his birthday and it"s his last day?

MALE WORKER: This is other-Walter, from returns.

Other-Walter enters adhered to by even more co-employees.

OTHER-WALTER: Hey, what"s going on here?

ALL: Surprise!


Elaine tries to leave, but other-Walter stops her.

OTHER-WALTER: Elaine, it"s my last day. Have a item.

ELAINE: All appropriate, pile it on.

ALL (singing, competing): For he"s a jolly excellent fellow...happy birthday to you...for he"s a jolly excellent fellow...birthday to you...which nobody can deny...

Elaine looks on frustrated.



Jerry and Elaine stand in front of his stereo.

JERRY: What is so poor around having a little piece of cake?

ELAINE: It is the required socializing. I mean, simply because we occupational in the same office, why do we have to act choose we"re friends?

JERRY: Why aren"t you there now?

ELAINE: I had to take a sick day. I"m so sick of these people. By the way, I talked to Lisi, and tomorrow night"s excellent for her.

They sit on the sofa.

JERRY: You recognize, I shouldn"t go out through a frifinish of yours. I forecheck out messiness.

ELAINE: Yeah, you"re much better off sitting roughly here, analysis comic publications, and eating spaghetti at two in the morning..

JERRY: Hey, speaking of tomato sauce, you desire to come with me and George to Mario"s Pizza?

ELAINE: Your old high college hangout? Why?

JERRY: They"re cshedding. We"re going for one last slice.

Kramer barges with the door holding a roll of yellow police tape.

KRAMER: Hey. All best. Hi. Check it out, main police caution tape. Look at that.

Jerry walks towards the respond to wbelow Kramer has put some of the tape.

KRAMER: Uh-uh-uh. Tip back, kid, there"s nopoint to view right here.

JERRY: Wright here did you acquire this?

KRAMER: Well, I acquired it from my cop buddy Doug.

JERRY: You sure have most friends. How come I never see any of these people?

KRAMER: They want to know why they never view you.

Kramer ties a item of tape roughly a banana.

KRAMER: I"m gonna eat that later.

JERRY: So they just gave you this?

KRAMER: Oh no, no,. no. I had to fish around in the evidence room for it. You know, they"re all preoccupied, trying to hunt dvery own this brand-new psycho-serial killer, the Lopper. All right, I"ll view ya.

ELAINE: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Who is the Lopper?

KRAMER: Oh, it"s no big deal. It"s just some male who"s been running approximately Riverside park-pffff. You recognize, cutting people"s heads off.

JERRY: How come I haven"t review around this?

KRAMER: Well, you know, the police, they"ve been having actually some inner dissension about the name.

ELAINE: Really? What"re the other titles?

KRAMER: Uh, Headso...uh...The Denogginizer...Son of dad.

JERRY: Son of dad?

KRAMER: Yeah. That was my tip. It"s type of a catchall.


GEORGE: Mario"s Pizza.


George and Jerry admire their previous hang out. Mario, an elder man, stands behind the respond to.

GEORGE: Just as she was. Hey, Mario! Remember us?


JERRY: We used to come in eexceptionally day.

MARIO: So wright here ya been? We"re tanking below.

GEORGE: We"ll have actually 2 slices and also 2 grape sodas.

MARIO: Oh, thanks. That"ll conserve us.

JERRY: All appropriate, make it the big sodas.

George and also Jerry walk throughout the room.

GEORGE: Hey, Jerry, remember Frogger? I provided to be so into this game. Gettin" that frog across the street was my whole life.

They walk over to watch a boy playing Frogger.

JERRY: Yeah. And then you went on to...Well, it"s a good game.

GEORGE: Double jump! Eat the fly! Eat it!

The boy loses.

BOY: Thanks a lot.

GEORGE: Ah, beat it, punk.

The boy exits.

JERRY: Hey, look at the high score--"G.L.C." George Louis Costanza. That"s not you, is it?

GEORGE: Yes! 860,000. I can not think it"s still standing. No one has beaten me in choose 10 years.

JERRY: I remember that night.

GEORGE: The perfect combination of Mountain Dew and mozzarella...simply the right amount of grease on the joy stick...

MARIO: Here"s your pizza pea brains.

JERRY: I think I remember why we stopped coming here.




Elaine is sitting at her desk smelling a pen.

ELAINE (thinking): This pen smells really poor. So why execute I keep smelling it? Is it as well late for me to go to law school?

There"s a knock on the door and a number of co-employees enter with a cake.

ELAINE: What is this?

MALE WORKER: You were out sick yesterday, so we obtained you a get-well cake.

FEMALE WORKER: It"s carrot. It"s great for you.

WORKERS (singing): Get well get well quickly, we wish you to get--

ELAINE: Sheight it! That"s not also a song! I expect, currently we"re celebrating a sick day?

MALE WORKER: I think it"s nice.

ELAINE: What? What is nice? Trying to fill the void in your life with flour and also sugar and egg and vanilla? I mean, we are all unhappy. Do we need to be fat, too? Not you Becky, I understand you have actually a sluggish metabolism. I do not want one more piece of cake in my office!

Anvarious other worker enters late.

WORKER (singing): Get well, get well soon--

MALE WORKER: It"s not happening.

They all begin to leave disappointed.

BECKY: Can we still it eat?



Jerry and also Lisi sit at the usual booth.

JERRY: I"ll tell you Lisi, I never before intended that movie to--

LISI: End under water?

JERRY: Be that lengthy. I mean, most activity movies are--

LISI: So much more violent.

JERRY: Not as lengthy.

LISI: Well, I need to probably--

JERRY: Get going.

LISI: Yeah.

They both stand.

JERRY: Well, it was nice meeting you. I"m certain I"ll check out you--

LISI: Eight tomorrow?

JERRY: Actually, that"s--

LISI: What you were reasoning.

JERRY: Right.

Lisi leaves and also Jerry goes to pay the cashier. George enters.

GEORGE: Oh! Here you are. Ha ha...You, uh, you desire to--

JERRY: Sure. (points at booth) How about this one?

They both sit dvery own at their booth.

GEORGE: Well, I"m doing it, Jerry. I"m buying the Frogger machine. Now the torch will burn forever.

JERRY: Fabulous. See, currently you"re really do something.

GEORGE: So, you want to come down to Mario"s Pizza via me and also aid me pick up the Frogger?

JERRY: Hey, how you gonna keep the machine plugged in while you relocate it?


JERRY: Once you unplug the machine, all the scores will be erased.

GEORGE: You"re right. Why have to tright here always be a problem? You"d think just once I might gain a break. God knows I earned it with that score!

George gets up and leaves in a huff.


KRAMER: Well, even more poor news Jerry.


Kramer and also Jerry are talking near the kitchen respond to. George is sitting at the table on Jerry"s cordless phone. An open up phone book is in front of him.

KRAMER: You understand the police, they discovered an additional victim of the Lopper in Riverside Park. I experienced the photo, and also it looked a lot like you.

JERRYL Oh, come on. There"s most civilization walking about the city that look choose me.

KRAMER: Not as many as tbelow provided to be.

GEORGE: No. I need a guy that deserve to rig a Frogger machine so that I have the right to relocate it without losing power, "reason I have the high score. H-hello?

Kramer peels and eats an oarray.

KRAMER: You understand, George, you"re not gonna uncover an electrician favor that in the yellow pperiods. Now, I know just the guy that deserve to perform this.

JERRY: Anvarious other friend?

KRAMER: Oh, no, no, no. This man is no frifinish. In reality, we do not also obtain along.

GEORGE: Well, is he great, Kramer?

George gets up and also walks in the direction of Kramer.

KRAMER: Oh, he"s the ideal...and also the worst.

GEORGE: Kramer, listen to me. I"m never before gonna have actually a son. If I lose this Frogger high score, that"s it for me.

KRAMER: Believe me George, you deserve to count on Slippery Pete.

GEORGE: Slippery Pete?

KRAMER: Yeah, I do not care for the name, either. In reality, that"s among the points that we argue about.

GEORGE: All best, I"m gonna uncover a guy with a truck. GLC should live on!

George grabs his coat and also leaves the apartment. The phone rings. Jerry tries to obtain by Kramer.

JERRY: Come on.

KRAMER: Dng-ga-gng-ga-wt.

Jerry picks up the phone.

JERRY: Hello?



Elaine is on the phone and also is smelling her tape dispenser.

ELAINE: So how"s it going through my friend?

JERRY: She"s a sentence finisher. It"s favor dating Mad Libs.

People can be heard singing "Happy Birthday" in the background of Elaine"s office.

JERRY: What is that?

ELAINE: Oh, it"s a cake party. It"s the third one this day. I didn"t realize exactly how hooked I acquired on that 4:00 sugar rush.

JERRY: So sign up with in.

ELAINE: I can"t. I denounced them. Maybe I"ll go rassist Peterman"s fridge. He"s always gained a truffle or something in there.

JERRY: All appropriate.

Jerry hangs up and stands approximately find some police tape approximately a damaged egg on the floor.

JERRY: Hey, wh-what--

KRAMER: Yeah. I dropped an egg. Be careful.

Kramer leaves.



Elaine knocks on the open up door.

ELAINE: Anybody here? Peterboy?

No one answers. She runs over to Peterman"s fridge, opens it, and takes out a box. She opens package to find a cake.

ELAINE: Ooh, it"s a cake walk.

She takes a bite of the cake. Outside in the hallmethod, Mr. Petermale have the right to be heard singing.

PETERMAN (singing): Get well, obtain well soon we wish you to acquire well.

Elaine easily puts the box ago in the fridge. Mr. Petermale enters his office.

PETERMAN: Ha ha ha ha...Oh, what a stirring little bit anthem of health.

ELAINE: Mr. Peterman, um--

PETERMAN: We missed you at the gain well party. Poor old Walt has a polyp in the duodenum. It"s benign, but--ooh--still a bastard. Oh, Elaine, can you store a secret?

ELAINE: No, sir, I can not.

PETERMAN: Inside that tiny college boy minifridge is my latest acquisition. A slice of cake from the wedding of King Edward VIII to Wallis Simpboy, circa 1937, price--$29,000.


Jerry and Lisi walk alengthy.

JERRY: Well Lisi, that was another-

LISI: Lovely evening.

JERRY: Really negative meal. I was thinking possibly we should--

LISI: Go for a hansom cab ride?

JERRY: Call it a night. I"ll walk you house. Wbelow perform you live?

LISI: 84th street, best off Riverside Park.

JERRY: Riverside Park.

Jerry grabs Lisi and also turns around.

LISI: I thought we were going--

JERRY: Back to my area. That"s appropriate.


George and also Jerry are sitting on the sofa.

GEORGE: So you slept through her?

JERRY: She resides appropriate off Riverside Park. I was scared of the Lopper, So I let her continue to be over.

GEORGE: And you automatically sleep with her?

JERRY: Well, I just wanted to make out a tiny, yet she kind of--

GEORGE: Finished your thought.

George gets up and also walks over to the sink. Elaine enters.

ELAINE: Guess what I ate.

GEORGE: An ostrich burger.

ELAINE: No. A $29,000 item of cake. Peterguy gained it at The Battle Each Other Of Windsor auction. It was the most romantic thing I"ve ever eaten.

JERRY: How"d it taste?

ELAINE: A little bit stale.

JERRY: Yeah.

GEORGE (nudges Elaine via his elbow): So, uh are you sleeping through Peterman?

ELAINE (nudges George through her elbow): No. He does not recognize I ate it. In fact, he almost caught me. I have to sneak earlier in and even it out.

GEORGE: You recognize, they say ostwell-off has less fat, yet you eat even more of it.

Jerry and also Elaine begin to walk from the counter towards the table.

ELAINE: Hey, so I talked to Lisi and also she has got a huge surpclimb for you. She"s planning a weekend expedition to Pennsylvania Dutch country.

JERRY: Pennsylvania Dutch country? Oh, that"s the severe partnership weekend place.

EALINE: What is going on with you two?

JERRY: Well, I think by sleeping through her, I might have actually sent out her the wrong message.

GEORGE: What"s that?

Elaine opens up up a paper bag and pulls out a cookie.

ELAINE: 4:00 sugar fix.

JERRY: Well, I"m calling this off right now.

ELAINE: No, no. You are means past the phone call breakup phase.

JERRY: Well, I"m not going over tright here. That"s wbelow the Lopper is.

ELAINE: Oh...it"s daylight. It won"t take you that lengthy. Just make a clean break.

Elaine bites the head of her gingerbreview guy.


ELAINE: Just a tiny off the side...


Elaine is at Mr. Peterman"s desk with the cake box.

ELAINE: Well, no point in wasting $1,200.

She eats a slice of the cake as fantasy waltz music starts to play. Elaine dances approximately the room talking to among the sculptures in the room.

ELAINE (thinking): Oh, commander, isn"t the wedding marvelous? More cake? Oh, I shouldn"t. I mustn"t. Ah, what the hell?

She gets even more cake.


GEORGE: Now, each of you is right here because you"re the best at what you carry out.


George, Kramer, Slippery Pete, and Shlomo sit at a booth.

GEORGE: Slippery Pete, Kramer tells me you are one hell of a rogue electrician. And shlomo, you"re the ideal truck driver.

SHLOMO: I do not understand If I"m the ideal.

GEORGE: Oh...you"re extremely great.

SHLOMO: Let"s say "great."

GEORGE: Ok. Good. And Kramer, you"re in charge of taping off the loading zone.

KRAMER: Lock and pack.

SLIPPERY PETE: You think you deserve to handle that, numb nuts?

KRAMER: All right, all best, come on, now.

SLIPPERY PETE: That was my mail-order bride.

KRAMER: Hey, you weren"t home, so I signed for her.

SLIPPERY PETE: It does not offer you the right to make out with her.

KRAMER: You weren"t also married yet.

GEORGE: All best, all ideal, calm down, calm dvery own. Whatever before occurred in the previous is previous.

George gets a napkin and also starts to draw on it.

GEORGE: Now, this is the fundamental layout for Mario"s Pizza.

SHLOMO: So what kind of jail time are we looking at if we"re caught?

GEORGE: What carry out you mean?

SLIPPERY PETE: We"re stealing this point, right?

GEORGE: No. I--I passist for it.

SLIPPERY PETE: I assumed we were stealing it.

KRAMER: Yeah. It feels favor we"re stealing it.

GEORGE: We"re not stealing it.

SHLOMO: I certainly assumed we"re stealing it.

GEORGE: All ideal, let"s--let"s emphasis. Can we get back to the plan?

SLIPPERY PETE: Well, I require a battery for this sort of a project. Can I at leastern steal a battery?

GEORGE: Fine. Steal the battery. Now, all best, here is the Frogger. This is the front door, and this is the outlet.

SLIPPERY PETE: What"s that?

GEORGE: The outlet?


GEORGE: That"s wright here the power comes out.

SLIPPERT PETE: Oh, you intend the holes.

SHLOMO: Which one"s the bathroom?

GEORGE: Uh, here.

SHLOMO: They put the Frogger via the toilet? Yecchh.

GEORGE: The Frogger is right here.

KRAMER: George, I assumed that was the door.

SLIPPERY PETE: Where are all the pizza ovens?

SHLOMO: I assumed the bathroom was below.


George, Shlomo, Slippery Pete, and Kramer are sitting in the exact same areas as they were in the booth at Monk"s, yet this time they are about a table at Mario"s.

GEORGE: All right. You understand now? It"s not that facility.


ELAINE:I need to rearea an antique item of cake.


Elaine is sitting at the counter with a Sotheby"s auction book open in front of her.

ELAINE: Do you have actually anypoint that"s been...you understand, laying about for a while? Something prewar would be simply excellent.

The waitress leaves and also Kramer enters.

KRAMER: Oh, hey, Elaine. What, you got the munchies?

ELAINE: Oh, Kramer, I am in massive. massive, big trouble. I need a cake that looks prefer this.

KRAMER: Oh, yeah--Sotheby"s. Yeah. They make great cake.

ELAINE: Do any type of of these look close?

KRAMER: No, however I recognize I"ve viewed cake just like that. Oh--Entenmann"s. Yeah.

ELAINE: Entenmann"s? From the supermarket?

KRAMER: Well, no. They"re not really in the superindustry. Yeah, they got their own situation at the finish of the aisle.


There"s a knock at the door. Lisi opens it. It"s Jerry holding a baseround bat.

JERRY: Hi, Lisi.

LISI: Hi, honey. Is that a bat?

JERRY: Uh, yeah. I uncovered it on the street. It"s gotta be worth something.

LISI: So, what do you want to execute, Sweetheart?

JERRY: Well, before we execute anypoint...possibly we have to talk.


Lisi is sitting at her couch while Jerry paces behind her.

JERRY: Then this Pennsylvania Dutch thing comes out of nowright here. I suppose, just how am I expected to respond to that?

Both Jerry and Lisi are on the couch. Jerry has actually his head in his hands.

LISI: Then might I say somepoint... without being interrupted?

Lisi is in an additional room via the door closed. Jerry stands in the hallway and is talking to her through the door.

JERRY: Well I"m sorry if I ruined your life. That"s exactly what I set out to perform.

They are sitting on the couch aobtain. Jerry nods at every little thing Lisi mumbles.

LISI: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Mm-hmm. Uh-huh...

Now Jerry is sitting on the couch and Lisi is pacing behind him.

LISI: Are you afrassist to kiss me in public?

JERRY: Have we also been in public?

Jerry is walking ameans from Lisi and she follows behind him.

LISI: So currently you"re going to tell me what I"m thinking. Well, go ahead, "reason I"d really choose to understand.

Lisi is crying and also Jerry stands looking over her shoulder.

JERRY: You are not dumb. Don"t say that..

They both sit approximately the coffee table eating beans.

JERRY: These beans are pretty excellent.

LISI: 20 minutes.

Now Jerry is in a room through the door shut. Lisi stands out in the hallway.

JERRY: Well, I"m sorry I"m not Brad. I"m me!

Jerry opens up the door.

JERRY: Nice to fulfill ya!

Jerry is lying on the couch while Lisi paces behind.

LISI: Boy, did your mommy execute a number on you.

Lisi is on the couch through Kleenex and Jerry stands on the other side of the couch.

LISI: Fine. So it"s over.

JERRY: Oh, thank god. Why is it dark out? What time is it?

LISI: 9:30.

JERRY: We"ve been breaking up for 10 hours?

LISI: Good-bye, Jerry.

JERRY: Lopper. You know, Lisi, perhaps we need to offer this a little even more time. See how it looks in the light of day.

LISI: Out!


Jerry procedures out of Lisi"s structure. He looks both methods cautiously prior to walking dvery own the procedures. Surprised, he sees a shadowy figure walking towards him holding somepoint resembling a head in one hand also and also a knife in the other.

JERRY: Lopper.

He quickly runs earlier as much as Lisi"s building and also yells into her intercom mechanism.

JERRY: Lisi, Lisi. Let me in! We deserve to job-related this out. I was wrong, you were right. I"ll carry out anything!

She buzzes him up.

Just as he walks into the building, we see the Lopper is actually Slippery Pete transporting a automobile battery by it"s wires.


Jerry stands exterior a boutique keep once George arrives transferring rope.

GEORGE: Jerry, you came for the significant moment.

JERRY: No. I"m waiting for...

GEORGE: Ha ha. Everything"s timed out to perfection, Jerry. Slippery Pete"s acquired the Frogger running on battery power, the truck will be tbelow any minute, and Kramer"s taped out the loading zone.

JERRY: Oh. Sounds good.

GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. You gotta come over tonight. We have the right to play.

JERRY: Oh, I can not. I"m busy. I"m going ameans on a long weekend.

GEORGE: Where?

Lisi exits the boutique wearing a Dutch bonnet.

LISI: Look what I uncovered. I obtained one for you, too.

She puts a Dutch hat on Jerry head.

JERRY: Great. Uh, you recognize what? Why do not you put it in the vehicle so I do not toss it in that dumpster?

LISI: Ha ha. Ok. I"ll satisfy thee in front of your location, 15 minutes.

Lisi leaves.

JERRY: A long, lengthy weekend.

GEORGE: I hear thee.


Elaine has actually finiburned replacing the cake. She throws the empty Entenmann"s box amethod. She"s around to leave, however Mr. Peterguy enters via another male.

PETERMAN: Elaine! Excellent. I"d choose you to fulfill a frifinish of mine, Irwin Lubeck.

ELAINE: Oh, hello.

LUBECK: Chequipped.

Mr. Petermale gets the cake out of the fridge.

PETERMAN: All right, brace yourself, Lubeck. You are around to be launched by means of pastry ago to the wedding of one of the a lot of dashing and romantic Nazi sympathizers of the whole British Royal household.

ELAINE: I guess I"ll just--

PETERMAN: Oh, no Elaine, remain. Lubeck right here is the world"s forea lot of appraiser of vintage pastry.

Lubeck inspects the cake.

PETERMAN: All right, Lubeck. How a lot is she worth?

LUBECK: I"d say around 219.

PETERMAN: Ha ha ha ha ha!$219,000! Lubeck, you glorious titwillow. You simply made me a profit of $190,000.

LUBECK: No, $2.19. It"s an Entenmann"s.

PETERMAN: Do they have actually a castle at Windsor?

LUBECK: No. They have actually a display screen situation at the end of the aisle.

PETERMAN: Oh, great lord.

LUBECK: You all right, Peterman? You look ill.

ELAINE (singing): Get well, get well soon, we desire you to get well. Get well, get well shortly we desire you to gain well.


George and Jerry check out Kramer, Shlomo, and also Slippery Pete standing external Mario"s Pizza. Slippery Pete is playing Frogger.

GEORGE: What are you men doing?

SHLOMO: Eat the fly. Eat the fly. Got him!

GEORGE: You idiots. You"re gonna wear dvery own the battery.

SLIPPERY PETE: The batteries are fine. We"ve obtained...oh, god. only 3 minutes left.

GEORGE: Fast. Get this thing earlier in the pizzeria

KRAMER: George, they closed up.

GEORGE: I require an outlet!


GEORGE: Holes! I require holes!

KRAMER: The pharmacy"s still open up.

GEORGE: All ideal. Kramer, you block off web traffic. You to go sweet-talk the pharmacist.

Shlomo and Slippery Pete go to the pharmacy.

SLIPPERY PETE (to George): You owe me a quarter.

GEORGE (to Jerry): Slippery Pete. Kramer, hurry up!

Kramer ties the police tape to a tree and runs right into web traffic. He runs out of tape prior to he can acquire halfway.

KRAMER: Ahh! I"m out! No tape left!

JERRY: Well, come on George, I"ll aid you push it across.

GEORGE: Wait a minute. This looks acquainted. This reminds me of something. I can execute this.

JERRY: By yourself?

GEORGE: Jerry, I"ve been preparing for this moment my entire life.

George pushes the machine onto the street. From a view in the sky, we watch him dodging cars, hopping ago and also forth into lanes of traffic. Frogger music and sound effects play.

SHLOMO: He looks favor a Frog.

SLIPPERY PETE: So execute you.

George renders it across simply as a large truck comes barreling down the street. George tries to obtain the Frogger onto the sidewalk, yet can"t. He futilely sticks his hand also out trying to soptimal the truck which honks. George jumps out of the truck"s means and onto the sidewalk as the Frogger is smaburned.

JERRY: Game over.


Mr. Peterguy sits in his chair behind his desk. Elaine knocks and enters.

ELAINE: Mr. Peterman, you wanted to see me, sir?

PETERMAN: Elaine, up until a minute back, I was persuaded that I was on the receiving end of among the earliest baker"s grift in the books--The Entenmann"s shim-sham.

EALINE: Ohh...

PETERMAN: Until I remembered the videotape surveillance device that I installed to catch other-Wtransform making use of my latrine. But it likewise recorded this.

Mr. Peterguy mirrors Elaine the tape of her waltzing roughly the room eating the cake.

EALINE: Mr. Peterman, I, uh...

PETERMAN: Elaine, I have actually a question for you. Is the item still...via you?

ELAINE: Um...as much as I recognize.

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PETERMAN: Do you understand what happens to a butter-based frosting after 6 years in a poorly ventilated English basement?

ELAINE: Uh, I guess I hadn"t--

PETERMAN: Well, I have actually a feeling that what you are around to go through is punishment sufficient. Dismissed.