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  us have end up being weary and bored by all the politics chatter. How have the right to we assist people in ours congregations and also friendship circles find hope in the midst of all the political noise? Sometimes we just aren’t sure what to say or pray for. We want to be faithful and also consistent yet just no sure exactly how to perform so. Seek God for the City 2020is a prayer guide written with the kinds of prayers that will ignite your heart v hope and also a certainty the God will fulfill His word. We are all mindful that these days are complicated and uncertain. Yet God is faithful and also we room assured the He hears the on-going prayers of His human being at all times. You will certainly not be disappointed in the Seek God 40-day prayer guide. The prayers spring straight from both Old and new Testament scriptures. You will be praying along with thousands of others together they pray through this season v hope and also certainty that what God has actually spoken, he will carry forth. Seek God starts on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, culminating on Palm Sunday, march 5. Let the prayers in Seek God for the City refresh her hope that God is an extremely much fulfilling His guarantees in our days. What an honor it is come be joined in our prayers as we co-labor together. Yours because that His glory,  Barb HawthorneStephanie Tucker


seek God because that the City 2018 41Replies

Ash Wednesday is only a couple of work away, and also the yearly Seek God for the City project is about to begin. Please join me in asking God to lug honor to self in ours neighborhoods, in our…Continue

began by Andrew R. Wheeler. Last reply by Andrew R. Wheeler might 28, 2018.


seek God for the City 2016 40Replies

This year"s look for God because that the City project is just roughly the corner! sign up with in the prayers in this conversation thread. Click the…Continue

started by Andrew R. Wheeler. Last answer by Andrew R. Wheeler Mar 23, 2016.

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Adding this conversation to administer a place for united state to pray with each other for our urban Feb 18. Ns just obtained an e-mail the the app is obtainable now for iPhone and also iPad, and the Android variation is…Continue