Objective: Accept the mission "For a Fistful of Zombies" for Jack Boone

It is situated near (170,340). To acquire there, sindicate follow the major road.

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Objective: Complete the mission "For a Fistful of Zombies" for Jack Boone

The action mission you have welcomed will certainly be your emphasis now.

Objective: Go to the Sheriff"s Office in Kingsmouth

Jack Boone"s mission will certainly currently have lead you to this place.


Objective: Complete the mission "Horror Show" for Helen Bannerman

Accept the mission.


Objective: Complete the mission "Elm Street Blues" for Deputy Andy

Deputy Andy can be found on the roof of the Sheriff"s Office. A walkthrough for his mission is obtainable .


Tier 2

Objective: Find Norma Creed

Norma Creed can be discovered in the southern outskirts of Kingsmouth Town.


Objective: Complete the mission "They Never before Soptimal Coming" to get Norma Creed"s trust

Accept the activity mission.

Objective: Check on Norma Creed

Rerevolve to Norma Creed at her bonfire.


Tier 3

Objective: Investigate the Lady Margaret

The Lady Margaret is accessible at the finish of the largest pier in the Kingsmouth bay location.


Objective: Defeat the Captain

When you action onto the Lady Margaret, the Captain will certainly ambush you. Defeat the Captain to proceed. The Captain acts choose any kind of various other wet zombie in the location.


Objective: Examine the captain"s log

Once the zombified Captain has been beat, it will certainly drop a book. Interact via it to continue. The book is just there for a restricted amount of time. If you wait too long, you may have to kill the Captain aobtain.


Tier 4

Objective: Ask Dr Bannerguy about the Lady Margaret

Return to the Sheriff"s Office. Dr Bannermale is in the very same room as Helen Bannerguy. Aim your reticle at him and push F to lug up his dialogue alternative. Click on the Lady Margaret alternative to ask him about that topic.


Objective: Ask Dr Bannerman around the Lady Margaret until he provides you a lead

Use the dialogue choice again.

Objective: Locate Dr Bannerman"s clinic

North-west of the Lady Margaret, dvery own by the harbour, you will discover the clinic. Get in the building.


Objective: Examine Dr Bannerman"s files

Interact through Dr Bannerman"s computer in his office.


You will certainly need a password to access the records on his computer. You deserve to input the /hint command to get a hint.

On the floor, tright here is a Broken framed photo. Tright here is a item of text on it that says: "Night Helen and also I met, under fireworks collection to The Four Seasons." A quick Google search might fix this riddle.

The password is Vivaldi, which is Dr Bannerman"s favourite composer.

Access the papers about the Lady Margaret occurrence.

Tier 5

Objective: Find Derrick Creed

Objective: Find Lawrence Creed

Derrick Creed deserve to be found feasting upon the inanimate corpe of his own brother, at around (390,420).


Objective: Find Joe Slater

Exit the backyard location and go to the initially house on the left, at the corner. Approach the door.


Objective: Reach character level 12

It is unmost likely that you have actually reached level 12 at this point, but if you have, you will certainly be skipping to the next objective.

Reach level 12 by doing other objectives in Kingsmouth. There are dozens of side goals scattered almost everywhere the map, as well as multiple NComputers handing out missions. You deserve to consult our list of Kingsmouth missions.

Objective: Go into the sewer

Return to the sewer entrance at Joe Slater"s house. Tbelow is a map marker pointing to the area if you don"t remember.


Objective: Find Joe Slater

Make your method deeper right into the sewer. There is really just one way to go.

At the finish of a tunnel, you will see a huge blue mist. Approach it, yet carry out not run all the method into it. The Warmonger inside the mist will start sfinishing Draug minions at you. Finish off each wave until the Warmonger decides to come out of the mist to complete you on its own.


Defeat the "Draug Brute" warmonger. Watch out for its big Area-of-Effect attacks.


Proceed deeper right into the sewer. There is an additional miniboss up ahead: The Broodsource.


During combat, the Broodresource will certainly run over to random incubator pods and force them to hatch.


Tier 6

Objective: Use the Siren Track and also follow it

The Siren Tune is an item in your inventory. Use it to activate it. Follow the hallucinatory notes.


The destination is the tunnel near the Morninglight camp in the northwestern edge of Kingsmouth.


Approach the door in the tunnel and also enter the corridor.


Once inside, you want to store heading straight ahead, if in doubt you have the right to constantly use the Siren song aacquire to display you the method.


There are several traps in this mysterious lair, so stay vigilant. The first one is a wall surface of lasers, do not touch the lasers as they will certainly cause explosions qualified of killing you. Fortunately, half of the grid is defective and also will certainly switch on and off every few seconds.

Next, there will certainly be lasers which have to be jumped over.


Ultimately you will certainly reach an open door, head inside.


Tier 7

Objective: Examine Beaumont"s notes

They will certainly be on the of crates, beside his lapoptimal.

Objective: Reach character level 14

If you haven"t currently got to level 14, you will certainly have to do other objectives in Kingsmouth to breakthrough your character. Press (M) to the map check out and look for missions. Only missions within your level range will be visible on the map.

Objective: Follow the trail left by Beaumont

Sounds choose a visit to the airport can be worthwhile, on your method tright here you could see a fairly familiar poster. You desire to head inside the hangar close to (695,815), look for the table via a computer system, a notebook and a map on it.


Objective: Find what Beaumont was looking for

Examine the map of the Savage Coast.


Tier 8

Objective: Travel to the Savage Coast

To gain to the Savage Coast, you should take a trip via the tunnel south of Jack Boone and also the Agartha entrance.


Objective: Go to the noted house

Follow the road until you come upon a residence on the ideal side of the road. Approach the home.


Objective: Enter the basement

The basement entrance is situated on the left side of the home. This is a solo circumstances which suggests you cannot carry friends. Prepare for a boss fight inside.


Objective: Unlock the Illuminati tunnels

In the basement you will be presented via a locked door.


If you are having actually trouble addressing this puzzle, you will discover a hint and the solution below.

First, read the routine book which is on the table to the left of the door. It will certainly say "Seek enlightenment. The guy that looks for enlightenment should carry out the following: Find balance. Face fatality. Burn the past. And climb the pyramid. There, at the apex, his eyes will certainly be opened up."

This is a hint which tells you exactly how to open the door. In the basement tright here will certainly be eight signs, one for each slot on the sides of the door, the book tells you which ones you must usage, and in which order.

1) Find balance: The Yin and Yang Symbol2) Face death: The Skull Symbol3) Burn the past: The Phoenix Symbol4) And climb the pyramid: The Pyramid Symbol5) His eyes will be opened: The Eye Symbol


Once the door is open up you will trigger a cutscene, which will be complied with by a fight, so be ready.


Tier 9

Objective: Defeat the Guardian

You will now need to fight the Guardian, you carry out, however, not need to kill it, but only bring it dvery own to roughly 75 % of its maximum health and wellness prior to one more cutscene triggers.


Ability: Bullrush

Watch out for its dash strike.


Ability: Spcheck out Corruption

Occasionally the Guardian will certainly throw filth bombs at random places on the floor. Take treatment and prevent those locations.


Objective: Find John Wolf

Leave the basement and also head towards the Kindergarden. He will certainly be at (455,675), throughout the road from the Council of Venice outshort article.


Objective: Complete the mission "League of Monster Slayers" for John Wolf

Accept this mission for John.

Objective: Complete the mission "Taking the Purple" for John Wolf

Once more, John needs your help via something.

Tier 10

Objective: Search the area for Phoenician intelligence

After completing the mission Taking the Purple for John Wolf, you should be in the immediate vicinity of the object you need to find. Tbelow is a backload at the adjacent ticket booth. Interact with the backload.


Objective: Follow the map to find the first piece

Go to the woods southern of the Kindergarten (and John Wolf). The location is highlighted on the map.


Objective: Defeat the Phoenician scout

You will certainly be ambushed by a Phoenician agent. Beware of her cone attack.


Objective: Pick up the first relic piece

Once you have actually defeated the Phoenician scout, she will drop a relic piece on the ground. Pick it up.


Tier 11

Objective: Search close to Nicholas Winter for indevelopment about the next relic piece

Head eastwards toward the Atlantic Island Park.


Objective: Examine the graffiti

Interact with the graffiti on the barn wall.

Objective: Find the second relic piece

Go to Lover"s Lake in the southernmany component of the park. Cross the bridge to acquire to the centre island.


You deserve to discover the relic on the north-eastern pillar. Pick it up.


Objective: Examine the book

The book is located appropriate beside the relic.

Tier 12

Objective: Find the writer that specializes in the occult

Go to the Lighthouse in the south-eastern corner of the Savage Coast. At the top floor, you will certainly uncover Sam Krieg.


Objective: Search the lighthome for the 3rd relic piece

It seems the relic has been thrown in the trash bin.


Objective: Combine the relic pieces

To perform this, simply open your inventory and also click one of the 3 relics. You will certainly then begin to combine them.


Tier 13

Objective: Locate the survivors at Innsmouth Academy

The Innsmouth Academy is located to the west of the Atlantic Island Park and also south-west of the Kindergarden (and John Wolf). Make your way tright here and also head inside the academy.


Once inside, pass the stairs on the left and enter the initially room. In the next room, you will find the survivors Annabel Usher, Carter and also Hayden Montag.


Objective: Complete the mission "The Rec Center Cannot Hold" for Annabel Usher

Annabel Usher requirements your assistance. Accept her mission.

Objective: Talk to the survivors at Innsmouth Academy

Rerotate to Annabel Usher, Hayden Montag and Carter.


Objective: Break into the old block

Leave the major structure and also go to the building in the southwestern parts of the academy grounds. Enemies inside will certainly be level 22!


Objective: Search the block for hints to the location of the Illuminati vault

Examine "The Order of Great Works" on the floor beside the corpse ahead.


Objective: Find the Illuminati vault

Guess you"ll just have to look approximately.

Go to the end of the left corridor and also enter the room tbelow. Interact via the loose floorboards to unveil the hidden vault.


Your progress will be blocked by a locked door. You will certainly need to number out exactly how to unlock it.


Objective: Open the Illuminati vault

Look roughly. Search the rest of the structure. If you are stuck, some hints and also the solution are gave listed below.

In the various other rooms in this building tbelow are keystones that you should pick up.


Once you have got the necessary keystones, go back to the locked vault door. Now you will must insert them right into their slots in the right order. Perhaps consulting the book you found close to the entrance would prove beneficial below.

After locating and acquiring the required keystones, you will certainly should return to the vault door and insert the adhering to relics into their particular slots in the specific order as shown below.


Objective: Explore the Illuminati vault

Proceed with the door and also then straight forward until you come upon Beaumont. Approaching him will certainly create a cutscene.


Tier 14

Objective: Search the archives to uncover what Beaumont was doing here

Keep in mind that the caretakers are not hostile unless attacked or unless you touch a book near them. Head to the appropriate side of the room and also go via the doorway right into the next room. Head to the appropriate side of this room and also communicate via the book on the pedestal there. It will be the just book without caretakers surrounding protecting it.


Objective: Escape the archives

Face away from the pedestal via the book on it and also run in that direction. Proceed with the corridor and also up the stairs. You will certainly have to fight The Archivist. Be sure to prevent its quite large AoE ground strike.


After killing The Archivist, ssuggest proceed heading with the corridor until you concerned a dead end. Take notification of the 4 glyphs on the floor. Some sort of activation system may unlock a door via which you will certainly have the ability to proceed.

Unfortunately we cannot carry out a solution for this component as the activiation sequence is totally randomised. This is a puzzle of trial and also error. Pay attention to which glyphs are linked once stepping on them. You will should make all the glyphs glow blue.


Tier 15

Objective: Travel to Blue Mountain

Head through the covert bookshelf doormethod that you have just unlocked. Proceed dvery own right into the sewers. You will discover a ladder up ahead on the appropriate side. Once on the surchallenge, begin making your method to the tunnel resulting in the Blue Mountain. This tunnel is in the northwestern edge of the map.


Objective: Investigate the disturbance

Your expedition to Blue Mountain has been cancelled! Approach the bait shop. You will certainly check out a Draug Warmonger on the oppowebsite website of the road, sfinishing waves of zombies to attack the shop.


Objective: Stop the Draug from attacking Red"s Bait & Tackle

Kill the Askr Warmonger. It is just a continuous warmonger via the usual huge AoE ground attack.

Objective: Look for survivors in Red"s Bait & Tackle

Get in the structure.


Objective: Complete the mission "Ami Legend" for Red

Ami and Red are in dire need of your assistance. Accept their mission and also assist them out.

Objective: Check on the survivors at Red"s Bait & Tackle

Enter the shop to trigger a brand-new cinematic.


Tier 16

Objective: Travel to Blue Mountain

Warning! It is highly recommended that you reach Level 23 before entering the Blue Mountain. When you enter Blue Mountain, you will certainly be told to reach character level 25 prior to you can continue through the story. However before, if you enter Blue Mountain as well early, you will certainly battle to find sufficient objectives to level as much as Level 25. This is why you need to spfinish more time in the Savage Coast till you have reach at least level 23 or even level 24, before entering Blue Mountain.

Objective: Reach character level 25

As pointed out above, you will certainly must reach level 25 to proceed with the story, as more powerful enemies lurk ahead. Go ago to the Savage Coast (maybe also Kingsmouth) and also complete up any objectives you haven"t done yet.

Objective: Find Eleanor Franklin

Follow the map marker to the old home in the southeastern part of the map.


Objective: Complete the mission "The Ghosts and also the Darkness" for Eleanor Franklin

Accept her sabotage mission.


Objective: Locate the mine elevator controls

You have actually most likely seen the elevator multiple times while doing the sabotage mission for Eleanor Franklin. The elevator is situated in the instant vicinity of where that mission ends. From the mine entrance, it is in the room to the ideal.


Objective: Return to Eleanor Franklin to learn more about the mine

Head back to the living room in the old mansion and technique Eleanor Franklin. This will certainly trigger one more cutscene.

Objective: Search the mansion for Edward Franklin"s notes

If you are stuck, a hint and also the solution have the right to be found below.

In the hallmethod in between the dining room and the living room, tright here is a large painting on the wall. Interact through the message on that painting to unveil Ed"s covert room.


Interact with the strongbox on the table to check out the note inside.


Objective: Examine the notes on the wall

Examine the strange illustration.


Objective: Pick up the big sasquatch skull

It"s on the floor, straight below the notes on the wall you just examined. Hard to miss.

Objective: Bring the skull to the Sasquatch Chief to gain their attention

You will certainly discover the Sasquatch Chief standing alongside the spirit tree in the tiny valley southwest of Eleanor"s mansion.


Objective: Complete the mission "War of the Totems" for the Sasquatch Chief

The Sasquatch Chief demands your aid. Complete his mission to gain their trust.


Objective: Reach into the Sasquatch Chief"s surprise stump to case your reward

On the left side of the soul tree tright here is a well-surprise stump. It can be rather hard to check out. Interact through the stump.


Objective: Install the Glyph right into the slot of a Superior (Blue) top quality weapon or talisman

Follow on the on-display screen instructions. Open your assembly home window by pushing (Y), then click the Fusion tab. Next, appropriate click the item you want to install the glyph into, then ideal click the glyph to include it to the assembly home window. Finally, click the Fusage button.

Objective: Reach character level 27

Complete various other action, sabotage, examination and also side objectives in Blue Mountain or any of the previous areas to advance your character to level 27.

Tier 17

Objective: Go to the Blue Ridge Mine

Return to the elevator inside the mine.


Objective: Get in the deep shaft

Use the elevator controls to ride the elevator down to the deep shaft. You are now entering an area of intense darkness. It is extremely difficult to view anypoint down tbelow.

Objective: Explore the deep shaft

Proceed forward and also enter the initially mine corridor on the right side, then proceed forward till you get to a hole in the ground resulting in the level listed below. Jump via the hole. Dvery own there you will find a Miner"s Helmet with a helmet lamp.

However, at some suggest the Miner"s Helmet will run out of battery and also speak functioning. Additional up ahead you will uncover a flare gun beside a dead body. The flare gun will certainly temporarily stun any kind of opponents down and also administer some light.


Objective: Pass the Gaia seals

There will be a Fifinish of Corruption guarding the Gaia seals. You have to defeat it. It shouldn"t be also hard, the Fiend acts prefer the majority of various other Filth hounds.


Once the Fiend of Corruption has actually been defeated, communicate through the Gaia seals to clear the path ahead.


Proceed with unveiled tunnel and also approach Beaumont. Beaumont is angry and he"s gonna tell you all about it, then expell you from the deep shaft. It becomes clear that you are not yet ready to face him.


Tier 18

Objective: Visit Old Joseph"s trailer park

You wake up external, on the hill above the mine entrance.


You need to unite the people if you are going to have any kind of opportunity at beating Beaumont. To that finish, you should seek out Old Joseph in the trailer park situated in the western components of the Blue Mountain.


Objective: Reach character level 30

Getting close to the boss fight that"s been a long time coming now! However, you should gather some even more strength first. Complete even more missions or dungeons to level up your character.

Objective: Speak with Old Joseph

Return to Old Joseph. He will tell you what you need to do following.

Tier 19

Objective: Activate the wards in Kingsmouth Town

Head back to Kingsmouth Tvery own. The wards are situated in the location in between the skate park and also Edgar"s Scrapyard. Interact with the center stone to initiate the ritual.


Objective: Deffinish the wards in Kingsmouth Town

Once you have actually triggered the altar, some friendly undead creatures will spawn to assist you. Tbelow will be waves of draug coming in from the north and also southwest.


After a few waves of Draug, a large Draug dubbed the Draug Assault Commander will certainly take matters into its very own hands. Defeat it to complete the activation of the wards.


Objective: Activate the wards in the Savage Coast

The wards in Savage Coast are situated to the west of the Academy, on the other side of the river. Once aobtain, connect via the altar in the centre.


Objective: Deffinish the wards in Savage Coast

The same thing will occur here, other than it will be familiars and also ak"abs rather of Draug. Deffinish the ward stones from the incoming waves of adversaries. After a few waves, a boss adversary dubbed Beast of Corruption will spawn. Defeat it in order to relocate on.


Objective: Activate the wards in the Blue Mountain

The ward stones in the Blue Mountain are situated north of the quarry and southwest of the Orochi camp. Touch the centre rock start the activation process once even more.


Objective: Defend the wards in the Blue Mountain

This time you will certainly obtain to fight wendigos. Anvarious other Filth guardian boss will spawn after a couple of waves. Finish it off to advance.

Tier 20

Objective: Go to the Wabanaki holy site

The Wabanaki holy website is on peak of the mountain just north of the quarry. Go into the cave beneath the Sobhoban Stone.


Proceed better into the cave. Once you approach the people inside, a cutscene will certainly cause.


After drinking the mysterious water, you will obtain a fairly curious buff called “Fully Loaded” - you are ready to fight Beaumont!


Tier 21

Objective: Go to the deep shaft

You must now the method down tbelow by currently. Go into the blue ridge mine, then go via the first corridor on the ideal side right into the next room. Use the elevator in that room to enter the deep shaft.

Objective: Find and face Beaumont

Mysteriously sufficient, the entrance to the cavern Beaumont is in will be simpler to uncover this time around.


You will certainly not need to worry around healing and taking too a lot damage in this fight, as the Gaia engine listed below will certainly heal you throughout the whole fight. However, Beaumont does have actually a few tricks up his sleeve that you need to pay attention to.



Beaumont will periodically generate 3 clones of himself. The clones will certainly begin spawning powerful AoE ground attacks at their feet. The location impacted will gain bigger eextremely time. You have to kill the clones before their attacks flourish also huge and fill the entire arena, at which point you will die.


Hounds of Corruption

A while later, Beaumont will certainly generate Hounds of Corruption. The first ones have to be eliminated swiftly as you end up taking fairly many damages if you do not kill them.


Cellular Reconstruction

This capability is basic to identify as it spawns a huge beam of light. Beaumont will heal himself through this ability. You need to absolutely interrupt this process by stunning or hindering him.


Toward the finish of the fight, Beaumont will certainly generate two even more Hounds of Corruption. However before, at this suggest you need to disregard the hounds and emphasis on finishing off Beaumont. They execute not defend him and also they will disshow up when he is beat.


Once Beaumont has been defeated, a cinematic will certainly cause. Just as you"re around to grab the sword Beaumont had actually, a portal opens up behind you and sucks you in.


Tier 22

Objective: Find a method out of the ice caves

You have arrived at a stselection and also unacquainted area. There are numerous notes scattered roughly adjacent. They are voiced in Norwegian, but there is English message. Lots of amazing stuff.


Once you desire to get out of right here, continue forward in the direction of the big door-like framework. A mysterious voice will certainly sheight to you.


Objective: Escape the dream

In the following room tbelow are a number of memories to be found. The mysterious voice will certainly tell you around these. You do not have to check them, but you must.


Head to the crack in the mountain wall and you should view one more stvariety wall. It"s a Gaia engine! Walk via the Gaia engine to the various other side.


Follow the course ahead to the dead end.

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Objective: Accept or reject the gift

Either accept the gift by clicking on it, or refuse it by leaping off the edge of the cliff favor the woguy prior to you did. Beware that the choice you make right here will certainly have actually results later on in the story. Take a minute to think about that you desire to side via and also who you desire our character to be.


You will certainly awaken in more familiar surroundings. Congratulations, you have actually completed the first chapter of the story!