Type:Zone:Starting Location: Reward:
Scorched DesertSassist - (836,593)

This mission predelivered by:The Prisoner“


Tier 1

Objective: Read the hand-operated about the Time Tombs

It is on the table right beside Said.

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Objective: Use the Time Tomb southwest of the oasis.

Head to the place on your map collaborates ( 305 , 556)

NOTE: Before you head right into the instance, go behind the Time Tomb to uncover “The Breaks in Time” Lore #2

Clicking enters you right into an instance.


Tier 2

Objective: Infiltprice the Roguy City

Walk forward a bit and grab the side mission: O Tempora! O Mores!

Also of note, there is … Lore #3 at Coordinates ( 433 , 635 ) – Be certain to gain it while you’re in below.The path up, you’ll gain bombarded with sand also as you obtain cshed to it. It doesn’t hurt you, simply walk right into it to grab the lore!


Turn left from the entrance, you’ll see the area you should gain into. Follow the wall and also look at the entrance at the much left, that is your enattempt suggest.

But, before you perform, you’ll desire to acquire a disguise! There is a cave up on the left outside the Romale City. YOu’ll uncover a sacrificed citizen there with some robes you deserve to borrow! This will make the citizens and workers not run from you and also alert the guards!



Once in the door, stick to the left and also take your initially left turn untill you’re exterior. As you walk forward on the path, your mission will certainly update.

Objective: Find the descendant who keeps the Ancile.

You’re looking for the Scion of Pompilius, he patrols the stairs in the direction of the earlier of the location. Once you spot him, your mission will upday.


Objective: Steal the Ancile

Follow the Scion, climb the stairs sticking to the left side, stop the guards, in the back you’ll see a room with 5 pillars that have Ancile on them…

Note: Tright here are Anciles in the side rooms also, yet this is simply the method I did it. Feel free to experiment on your very own.

Pick up any type of of the Ancile from the platforms, the door will close behind you. Placed it back.


Objective: Find a paper about making replicas of the Ancile.

Run to collaborates ( 130 , 106 ) – past the sleeping guard into the room (see the arrow on the mini map on the screenswarm below)


Objective: Make a replica of the Ancile

Look at the tiny scroll on the same table. (see picture over, you might need to relocate to the left of the table and also hit “U” to accessibility it.)


Grab the staff on peak of the of the huge scroll from the previous objective.

You’ll have to disassemble the staff making use of your crafting home window.

Grab the metallic urn at coordinates (103 , 612) See the mini map in the picture below.

You’ll need to disassemble the urn using your crafting home window.a


Grab the Golden crested spear from works with (170 , 660 ) or see the mini map in the picture listed below.


Disassemble the spear, the exact same as the urn in your crafting window.

– Now you’ll need to assemble the items, this is in 2 components.

The initially part:


The 2nd part, using the component you produced in the first action in the center:


Objective: Take the Ancile and put a replica in its location.

Pick up one of the items, then usage the pedestal to rearea it via the replica you made.


Objective: Find a safe location exterior the city to hide the Ancile.

Go to the Statue of Mars. Coordinates ( 306 , 632 )


Objective: Travel ago to the present Scorched Desert

Leave the circumstances, and head to the marker on your map.

Tier 3:

Objective: Recover the Ancile

Head to the area noted on your map, you’ll watch a acquainted statue…. As you investigate, you’ll have actually a reduced scene…

Objective: Fight off the assailants

Tbelow will certainly be 3 waves of enemies.

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Objective: Bring the Ancile to Said

With the Ancile in hand also, time to head earlier to Said and proceed on the story arc!

The follow up mission: “The City Beneath Us“

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