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Seattle FireAll Seattle Fire department tactical radio channels
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Feed Notes


Seattle Fire room Radio

This feeding scans Fire, Rescue, and also EMS operations for the Seattle Fire Department.

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This feeding does not scan the dispatch channel. All active incidents are posted online.

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The Seattle Fire Department provides PulsePoint, a mobile app that enables local superheroes through sending immediate alerts whenever CPR is essential nearby. This app allows anyone to quickly help someone that is in suddenly cardiac arrest as soon as seconds count before the fire room arrives. The app likewise displays a map that all active fire department incidents in the city. Get PulsePoint today!


Long periods of silence space normal. This feeding is delayed from real-time by approximately 30 seconds.

System: Puget SoundEmergency Radio Network (PSERN)(Motorola type II SmartZone)Site: Seattle Simulcast(800 MHz simulcast)Receiving Equipment:Uniden BCT15X scanner linked via audio & data come a windows serverrunningProScan

The Seattle Fire Departmentis dispatched through the SFD Fire Alarm facility (FAC). The major 911 emergency communications centeris theSeattle ar Safety and Communications center (CSCC). The CSCC transfers 911 calls come the FAC because that fire, rescue, and also medical incidents.


Note: for privacy,some talkgroups consisting of ambulance-to-hospital networks (Medcom)are purposely omitted indigenous this radio feed.

TABLE 1 - Seattle Fire Department, region 1 radio networks scanned ~ above this feed:

Channel #Channel NameTalkgroup ID
1Full an answer Fire Operations1648
2Fire/Rescue Operations1680
3Fire/Rescue Operations1712
4Automated Dispatch (not scanned)1744
6Medical Operations1808
7Medical Operations2096
8Medic One Medcom (not scanned)2000
9AMR Ambulance request (not scanned)1968
10SFD Multipurpose (encrypted, no scanned)2480
11Incident Command for Channel 11840
12Incident Command because that Channel 21872
13Incident Command because that Channel 32512
14Emergency switch Activation2128
15Rapid intervention Team (RIT)1936
16Mayday Emergency Operations1904

TABLE 2 - Seattle Fire department commonterminology:

TermWhat that Means
Code RedRespond with emergency lamp & siren. Default response.
Code YellowRespond there is no emergency lights & siren. A "code yellow rescue response" is normally an elevator rescue without injury.
Code GreenCancel an answer and return unit service.
Fire ResponseTypically an automatic fire alarm or reported small fire.
Full ResponseReported framework fire or high-hazard fire. (1st alert / 111)
Aid ResponseBasic Life assistance (EMT level) clinical incident.
Medic ResponseAdvanced Life assistance (Paramedic level) clinical incident.
Med-6 ResponseSevere trauma incident, requiring at least six personnel.
Med-7 ResponseCardiac arrest incident, request at the very least seven personnel.You deserve to helptoo, with PulsePoint.
211 through 511X11 suggests the number of alarms, for this reason 511 is a 5-alarm fire. Extr resources are added for each alarm.
MCI ResponseMultiple casualty Incident. Involves plenty of patients.
RIT/RIGRapid intervention Team. A specialized engine or ladder agency standing by because that firefighter rescue.
MDC/MDTMobile Data Computer/Terminal. This is the computer system in every apparatus the displays added run information.
HMCHarborview medical Center. The level one trauma center for Washington, located on very first Hill.
C&CRequest for cops (law enforcement officers) and a coroner for a deceased patient investigation.
FACThe Fire Alarm facility is the dispatch center for the Seattle Fire Department. It is near Fire station 10 and also the Seattle Emergency operations Center.

Typical DispatchOrder that Events:

Computer-aided dispatch top top Channel 4 (not scanned on this feed), follow me withfire station alertand digital pager alert.<12:15 hours: Fire response on channel 2. Engine 18, 9, Ladder 8, Battalion 4.5427 Russell path Northwest. Cross of Northwest sector Street and 20 avenue Northwest.>When the first-due unit is responding, the dispatcher addresses the primary first-dueunit on the an answer channelThe first-dueunitacknowledges the they're responding and repeats the address.The dispatcher addresses the first-dueunits of other unit types. The units identify that they're responding., , , The dispatcher defines the incident in greater detail (this is known as "the chute").Upon arrival, the first-inunit explains conditions, actions, and also needs.

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The dispatcher acknowledges the update.

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