Suggested level: 11

Group: Treasure Hunts

Location: Velen

You have the right to start this search either by buying one of the Edwin Greloff"s maps or by finding one of the griffin school gear diagrams. You can buy the very first two maps native the Midcopse Armorer.

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Geralt came throughout evidence that the legend witcher George"s equally legendary equipment. Having actually heard numerous tales that this gear"s especially traits, Geralt decided to investigate.

Note: The stimulate in which the objectives appear may vary depending upon the bespeak in which girlfriend visit the locations.


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Quest stages of Scavenger Hunt: Griffin college Gear

1. Discover all the diagrams to the Griffin institution witcher gear. 0/6

You require to uncover six diagrams to the Griffin college witcher gear. You"ll uncover them in three places in Velen:

2. Find the witcher George"s grave.

Go come the Dragonslayer"s Grotto. The chest you"re trying to find is in the largest cavern. To obtain there you have to use Aard sign to ruin the wall, acquire through a corridor filled with gas and destroy the rocks impede the way. Top top the way you"ll need to kill a pair of Wraiths (7), and also one Ekimmara (11) in the biggest cave.

Note: Sometimes, together a an outcome of a bug, Leshen, that is walking on the surface above the den and is in ~ a much greater level, have the right to "teleport" right into the den. If girlfriend can"t death him, friend can shot to run out of the den, meditate a while and also then get ago to the cave. He need to be gone by then.

In the chest you will find: Witcher George"s journal, Diagram: Griffin armor, Diagram: Griffin trousers, Diagram: Griffin boots, and Diagram: Griffin gauntlets.

You deserve to leave the cave via the back exit as long as you have The Eye the Nehaleni native Keira the you can use to eliminate the illusion the is blocking the exit.

2.1. Review George"s notes.

Read the journal, and also you"ll obtain directions wherein to discover the other diagrams.

Witcher George"s journal

Having heard rumors that a dragon, ns raced at complete speed to Velen. Sadly, i was dragged away from my hunt through the prefects of Gors Velen. Lock summoned me together an expert to fix the riddle the a wire of shipwrecks suspected to be the occupational of nightwraiths. Hmph. Seems a dragon ravaging the landscape is a lower priority than blocked trade routes. Luckily i was may be to fix the riddle the the lone lighthouse quickly and also raced turn off after the dragon.

I learned the the peasants native the devastated villages had actually taken shelter in the elven catacombs under Lake Wyndamer. Wise. Yet they were not wise sufficient to bring firewood… and also so warmed us by burn elven manuscripts! the aches my love to think what knowledge about the Alder people went up in those flames… At least a couple of of the manuscripts survived (including some highly amazing sketches the armor). Yet enough about that.

Eye witnesses have reported: ashen scales, height at haunches – 2 fathoms, size – 5 fathoms (addendum: estimated weight – approx. 14 quintals), maybe to preserve a high temperature in that is bellows (dragon lungs) for longer than a quarter hour. Conclusion: us are taking care of a eco-friendly dragon.

Commencing hunt.

3. Search the damages of the fortress by the lighthouse.

Go to the ruins of the lighthouse tower close to the Lornruk signpost. The drawbridge is raised so you have actually to discover another way to the tower. You can obtain there with an Underwater Tunnel, the enntrance gate to which is on the east side the the tower. There room a few Drowners (10) swim nearby.

Watch out for Wyvern (14) paris around. In one of the chests that space in the damages of the tower you will discover Diagram: Griffin silver- sword and Crafting notes.

3.1. Read the craftsman"s notes.

Read the notes, and also you"ll gain directions whereby to uncover the various other diagrams.

Crafting notes

(...) now there"s a commission ns haven"t checked out the likes the in ages. Gained a visit from the witcher the baronet summoned about them angry powers took over the lighthouse and also were crashing ships versus the rocks. The stood there in the doorway to mine forge, spring noble as a prince or fight it out or something, and also said his silver sword acquired damaged during his last job. Blade was chipped bad, practically broken in two spots. Ns asked just how he meant me come know how to solve a weapon favor that, and he provided me a diagram and also said i was to build him a new one, and also promised fairly the sum in return.

...damn near tuckered myself the end making the thing! Aye, i did my apprenticeship with master Barnaby that Novigrad and I"ve made a witcher blade or two in my life, however it"s to be over three years because I last touched noþeles of the sort. In the finish didn"t matter, despite - afore I can finish, the witcher figured out what was going on through the lighthouse and had to make haste to the baronet"s castle, for...

4. Find the lord"s castle.

Go to the ruins of the watchtower close to the Hindhold signpost. This area is occupied by Endrega warrior (11) and also Endrega employees (9). In ~ the top of the ruins there is a swarm of Harpies (7). Get in one that the rooms at the height of the damages ...

... And inside, you"ll come across a skeleton containing Diagram: Griffin stole sword and Balstick"s letter.

4.1. Read the brother-in-law"s notes.

Read the letter, and also you"ll acquire directions whereby to discover the various other diagrams.

Balstick"s letter

May the gods laugh on you and me sis. Currently I"m questioning you to read this careful, for what I acquired to say"s important.

Soon together you collection hands top top this writing, gallop turn off to that fence Kramer what"s based in Maribor. Tell him we"ve got some first-class gear and witcher knife diagrams to sell. Aye, I deserve to see you now, scratching your head, or an ext likely her arse, and also asking, "Did i hear the right?" You certain did - "twas mine luck come come to care for a witcher what gained one foot in the grave and also t"other hovering right above. I was sat there looking at the negative man experience in agony, and also thought to meself, "He don"t require this kit and these files where he"s going, while for us, that"s the fixings we need to get us started in the people of business, if we market them for the right price, the is." Aye, ns hear you fretting, for this reason stop. I didn"t take everything, in fact, nobody"ll also realize chandelier of his shite"s missing.

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Sad, though, ain"t it - this witcher"s a an excellent man. First he aided the baronet resolve the riddle of that lighthouse what was sending ships right into the rocks, climate he killed that dragon ate all the peasants. Trouble is, a dragon"s no simple pickings, and also our valiant hero acquired quite the licking taking it out. He"s done for, that"s certain, so soon as they ask him in the tomb on Crookback Hills, I"ll head straight to her place. Involved think of it, I"m curious exactly how they"ll placed him in that crypt in ~ all, for word is a vampeer"s made it his lair.

P.S. I also lifted a couple of flasks off the witcher, but since they"re like not to survive the journey, reckon I"ll sample them myself, see how witcher hooch goes under - possibly we"ll make a company out of that, too!