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Robert Murphy 58.8%1,539 Dax Ewbank 41.2%1,077Total Votes2,616Source: Oklahoma State Election BoardCampaign themes

The adhering to problems were provided on Braddy"s campaign webwebsite. For a complete list of project themes, click right here.

Minimum Wage: Income inetop quality is slowing the economy, limiting the project industry, and also shaping the increasingly rigged political mechanism of the United States this day. Sean recognizes that the struggle against poverty should be America’s peak priority if the country is to progression. One of the best means to ensure that hard-working Americans acquire the fair compensation they deserve is by linking their salaries to those of our leaders and representatives in government.Universal Healthcare: Sean supports healthtreatment for all bereason no one must have to choose in between dealing with injury or disease, buying medications, and also feeding their family members. Paid family leave is something Sean will certainly additionally fight for. In 2014, his child was in an accident that led to virtually 3 months of unpaid leave. No one should have to pick in between their livelihood and caring for loved ones.Unions: Unions have the right to be the only effective voice that employees have, which is why Sean believes we should go the extra mile to protect both public and exclusive unions. Unions sheight for the daily man or womale trying to make his or her method in an economy run by huge corporations that are first and forea lot of concerned via profit margins.Climate Change & Clean Energy: Science has actually prcooktop time and time aobtain that climate readjust is genuine. It is our duty to ensure tright here is a planet left to support future generations. We know that the boosted burning of fossil fuels contributes to climate adjust. Environpsychological protections and also transitions to clean power are crucial currently, not in one or 2 or 6 decades.Education: It is the government"s responsibility to educate its citizens. They have to not market the advancement of our children to private market (i.e. charter colleges and also vouchers). We should capture up with the rest of the emerged civilization. Until we do, the unemployment price and poverty line will certainly rise and also we will certainly miss out on out on the talent and also power of potential innovators who are hidden by financial hardship.


—Sean Braddy"s project website,

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