The Shrouded Spoils and The Sunken Curse commendations task players with finding and also destroying dozens the blue, green, and also red mermaid statues.

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Finding cursed mermaid statues is no basic feat in Sea the Thieves. These giant statues are incredibly rare and just as valuable. Football player looking to complete the Shrouded Spoils and The Sunken Curse commendations will require to know where to discover cursed mermaid statues and how to ruin them.

Cursed Mermaid Statues Gold and XP

Cursed Mermaid Statues are, as the surname suggests, huge statues the mermaids that spawn in the water about islands. These large stone constructs damages you if you acquire close, and when destroyed, fall a gem. The gem the mermaid statues drop adjust depending on their color. A blue mermaid will certainly drop a sapphire gem, a environment-friendly mermaid statue will certainly drop one emerald gem, and also a red one will drop a ruby gem.

Mermaid frostbite gems have the right to be given to any type of of the three key trading companies: yellow Hoarders, vendor Alliance, or order of Souls. Mermaid jewel reward a set amount of gold and also experience.

Sapphire/blue: 1,000 goldEmerald/green: 1,500 goldRuby/red: 2,000 gold

Because mermaid gems additionally reward experience, it"s a good idea come hand them into your desired trading company. Personally, I would certainly recommend giving them come the bespeak of Souls. The factor for this is the Order that Souls voyages space the most challenging and time-consuming, and there is no guarantee means to bend the odds in her favor. For example, with merchant Alliance you can cancel voyages until you gain one v gold animals and with gold Hoarders you can cancel till you gain a map with number of Xs. Together for stimulate of Souls, also though a bounty can have 4 captains come kill, they might not fall Villainous Skulls.

Cursed Mermaid frostbite Commendations

There are number of commendations because that players to earn by destroying mermaid statues, and a couple of even reward doubloons.

There space 10 commendations that players deserve to earn indigenous the Sunken Curse Bilge Rat Adventure and 4 commendations indigenous the Shrouded Spoils commendations. Of this commendations, only the Shrouded Spoils only grant the highly-coveted doubloons.

Normal Cursed Mermaid statue Commendations

Sapphire Curse Breaker – destroy 3 sapphire cursed mermaid statuesMaster Sapphire Curse Breaker – destroy 15 sapphire cursed mermaid statuesEmerald Curse Breaker – ruin 3 emerald cursed mermaid statuesMaster Emerald Curse Breaker ruin 15 emerald cursed mermaid statuesRuby Curse Breaker – ruin 3 ruby cursed mermaid statuesMaster Ruby Curse Breaker – ruin 15 ruby cursed mermaid statues“Curse Breaker” location – knife the adhering to commendations: Sapphire Curse Breaker, Emerald Curse Breaker, and also Ruby Curse Breaker Commendations“Master Curse Breaker” title – knife all grasp Curse Breaker Commendations

Legendary Cursed Mermaid frostbite Commendations

Legendary Curse Breaker – damage 100 cursed mermaid statues“Legendary Curse Breaker” title – earn the legend Curse Breaker Commendation

Normal Cursed Mermaid frostbite Commendations

Hoarder of Sapphire Mermaid Gems– sell 10 Sapphire Mermaid GemsHoarder of Emerald Mermaid jewel – sell 10 Emerald Mermaid GemsHoarder that Ruby Mermaid Gems– offer 10 Ruby Mermaid Gems

Where to uncover Cursed Mermaid Statues

Unfortunately, cursed mermaid statues perform not spawn in collection locations, instead, they spawn randomly roughly the countless islands in the Sea the Thieves. The only islands they don’t spawn about are outposts and forts. This means that to find a cursed mermaid statue, football player will have to swim around an island, searching for a glowing blue, green, or red sparkle. A creepy tune likewise accompanies the statues, so it’s worth turning the music up and also listening out for any kind of unusual melodies while underwater.

A good way to find mermaid statues is to assign two players come swim around an island, one clockwise and also the other counterclockwise. By having two players go opposite ways, you deserve to cover the entirety island in half the time. If you room a solo slooper, set the sail to half mast, placed on a an excellent headset or revolve up your TV, and also listen the end for the creepy tunes.

The ruby mermaid statues in Sea of Thieves room the toughest that the three, request multiple players or some tight teamwork.

How to destroy Cursed Mermaid Statues

The cursed mermaid statues come in three different types in Sea the Thieves: sapphire (blue), emerald (green), and ruby (red), through each one gift tougher than the last. When a two-player sloop can damage a sapphire and emerald cursed mermaid statue with ease, destroying a ruby statue requires a couple of more players.

Blue mermaid statue: Blue ones deserve to be killed conveniently by one player and even much faster with twoGreen mermaid statue: environment-friendly statues take two players to ruin or an extremely talented solo playerRed mermaid statue: Red ones need at minimum two players both using blunderbusses and eating bananas. Many players making use of swords, or a solitary player and a the majority of gunpowder

A great tactic have the right to be to usage gunwpoder barrels to ruin a statue, noted the frosting is in shallow water. As soon as attacking a statue in deep water, shot to continue to be as far away as feasible while still ensuring you can hit. As soon as your health gets as well low, ago away and eat bananas to height up her health. Eye of Reaches, though they perform offer range, don"t boast the same damage as a close-range blunderbuss shot.

Destroying a mermaid frostbite in Sea that Thieves calls for a many of teamwork or a many gunpowder barrels.

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The an ext damage a cursed mermaid frosting takes, the much more it will fracture and split apart. The cheat is come continually damages it, as any pauses or lulls in damage will an outcome in the mermaid frosting healing, undoing every the difficult work. It’s a great idea to have actually all football player shoot in ~ it at the very same time, and also follow up with sustained cutlass attacks. Alternatively, have actually one player attack with a cutlass while the various other shoots it and also then swap roles.

It"s going to take a lengthy time to uncover all the mermaid statues, specifically the ruby statues. However, it’s precious taking the time to uncover the cursed mermaid statues, as each commendation awardsdoubloons – a money worth earning to assist reach Pirate Legend. Be certain to examine out theSea of thieves Guide and Walkthrough for an ext helpful pirate articles!