Imagine, you are watching among your favourite NetFlix show then the screen automatically transforms off without prior notification. It seems pathetic to watch display screen transforms off when watching video Android. A lot of civilization are dealing with this issue and so on we come with a solution for them. If you are among them, then stick to this article and also get to know how to stop display screen rotate off procedure.

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Effective tips on preventing your Screen automatic rotate off

If you are suspecting the reason of display turning off instantly, then you should use some of the tips. And right here are some of the tested tips we are going to introduce via you below:

#1 Check out the Timeout Settings:

Before you go to check right into deep, the first and also foremany thing is to see your timeout settings first. You might be a wonder to check out just how does your display screen shut off without any prior alert, right? May be last weak, you set the timeout settings to let the gadget shut after a designated period, and also currently on this weak, you forgain the stuff.


On the other hand also, when you are suspecting the issue, on major detection, tright here would certainly be two scenarios. The initially one would certainly be the automatic timeout itself and also then tright here would certainly be serious cons through the coding breakthrough. The coding worry would be via the particular webwebsite that you are watching the videos online. Hence, roll back to the various website and attempt out various videos, if still tright here is a trouble through the display out then it would be via the settings concern.

Now on, you at leastern acquire to recognize tbelow is no such coding problem so, go directly to the automatic timeout settings and also check out the settings and tweak it best away if uncovered there. Over tright here, you have to drag down the notification bar from the optimal corner of your display. After that, scroll dvery own and also view the timeout display and also make it correct.


#2 Keep your gadget Stay Awake

Keeping your gadget continue to be awake would certainly be an immediate solution. So once you are suspecting that, tbelow is no other findable worry, you obtain to understand then go for the Stay Awake choice.

In order to do so, you may go to the Settings>Tap on there>Locate the Developer button(placed at the bottom). And, now tap on the switch over tright here. Afterwards, go back and see whether your screen transforms off automatically or not, most frequently you will certainly solve the problem tright here.

#3. Tweak via the Smart Screen

Having the smart display settings would be a blessing for you as soon as you are having this automatic display turning off worry. The Smart Screen is a good attribute that comes through some of the Android devices utilizing the basic wave of your hands. This innovation comes via the automatic hand wave detection therefore, the display will certainly come alive instantly. Hence, as soon as you are encountering this con then wave your hand also and also acquire to check out the display alive as soon as aacquire.

#4. Use an APP:

If all the above hacks won’t let you get over the trouble, then we recommend you to usage a superb application Stay Alive!



How carry out I keep my Android screen from turning off?

Go to the Screen Settings>Scroll on Display option>Tap on Sleep and also then you deserve to check out the display screen won’t obtaining turn off when again.

Why does my screen go babsence while watching videos?

If you enrespond to the “Black Screen” worry then it might take place as a result of the corrupted file that you are running or any kind of malware attack on your tool.

How execute I store my display on while watching videos?

You deserve to keep your display screen on all the moment if you go to the settings and revolve on Stay Awake choice over tright here.

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Wrapping UP:

So below we come to an finish and a solution for display transforms off when watching video android. Hopetotally, this write-up has currently benefited you as we have actually displayed the tested hacks with you. Now on, you won’t see your display turn off immediately and also enjoy all the video seamlessly. However before, if you find any type of concern then we are right here to solve it as soon as aobtain.