This publication offers you, the reader, a thoughtful and inspired formula because that generating appreciation, happiness, and great feelings—deftly blended into the uplifting story that a plucky, inquisitive girl named Sara; and her teacher, one ethereal owl named Solomon.There’s other in Sara for any kind of child, adult, or teenager pursuing happiness and definition . . . And also searching for answers around life, death, and also the desire of the heart. It’s filled through techniques and processes because that making one’s dreams come true . . . Particularly yours!Sara and Solomon will certainly delight and also enchant you

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An writer writes: “Sara is the heartwarming novel of a girl that discovers the tricks of creating a happy life. And also as Sara discovers just how to create a much better life for herself by starting right where she lives—the reader additionally learns the same lessons. Magically, both space transformed.“Reading this refreshing and inspiring book can awaken all readers to the inner strength they currently have for developing the type of life they’vealways wished for.“Sara is a publication you will desire to offer to her family and also friends because that conveys an effective messages around life in a manner the is basic to understand and also digest.“The authors’ motivated writing weaves one enchanting spell that canchange lives just by analysis it. And while this is not specifically a ‘chil-dren’s book,’ Sara is a life-transforming story because that the child in every of us.“Powerful. Magical. Empowering. Review it.”A taxes accountant writes: “Sara is wonderful. I’m on my 3rd reading! So much to learn from it. Gives me a wonderful lift upward!”A ten-year-old writes: “I simply read your book. . . . It’s the best book I’ve ever before read in mine whole life. I just wanted to thank you for composing it ’cause it’s make the biggest change in mine whole whole life.”A grandm says: “What one overwhelming emotion of joy and also appreciation ns am feeling. My granddaughter currently keeps reading parts to us and also to she friends . . . So clear and also delightful!”“This wonderful tiny book is a gem, elegant in the clarity the message. Its teachings fly directly to the heart, connecting to the Sara in each of us! A gentle, charming story, that is periodically funny, often poignant, and also most ofall, wonderfully joyful. It will surely become a primer because that students the well-being.”—Audrey Harbur Bershen, psychotherapistAnd Abraham says: “This book will help you come remember the you’re one eternal gift . .

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. And also it will aid you to uncover the everlasting bond the connects joyous loved ones to one another.