AFTER 10 seasons, CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 is coming to an end tonight through its action-packed series finale.

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Alum will certainly Yun Lee, who played Sang Min, opened up to The Sun around being component of the show's legacy and saying goodbye.

will Yun Lee (right) 'loved' play Sang Min ~ above Hawaii Five-0, which airs its collection finale top top FridayCredit: CBS - Getty

The 49-year-old gibbs shared exactly how much the “loved” being on that show and also playing that “crazy character.”

He continued: “I don’t to play a the majority of comedic characters, so it was constantly a lot funny going come Hawaii and causing chaos through Sang Min.

“I have actually made life-lasting friendships on that show, and also truly thankful for the entire experience, particularly how the show, crew, producer have always made me feel choose family.”

Will join the show from the get-go, play the first criminal the Hawaii Five-0 team ever caught earlier when the pilot aired top top September 20, 2010.

Will's character was the first criminal the H50 team captured in the 2010 pilotCredit: Bjoern Kommerell

Sang Min later ended up being a frenemy and also informant the sorts come the crewCredit: CBS - Getty

His journey on the show didn’t finish there, though.

From 2010 to 2017, Will was in 11 episodes, v his humorous, all-over-the-place, mulleted character going indigenous criminal to sinner to informant to acquitted frenemy.

He last showed up in season 7, illustration 18, title “E malama pono.”

Will right now stars as Dr. Park on ABC’s The great Doctor, which is executive created by his previous H50 costar, Daniel Dae Kim, that played Chin Ho Kelly top top the CBS show.

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After functioning on the CBS present with Daniel Dae Kim (who play Chin Ho Kelly), will joined ABC's The good Doctor, i beg your pardon Daniel executive, management producesCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Hawaii Five-0, i m sorry stars original season 1 cast members Alex O'Loughlin (Steve McGarrett) and also Scott Caan (Danny Williams), airs its collection finale, titled “Aloha,” tonight at 9 p.m. ~ above CBS.

Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov called TVLine the “checks every box with regards come what this show has constantly been about, i beg your pardon is family, i beg your pardon is about a connection in between these people.”


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