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Pre accepting anxiety Virgil having a panic attack because of something that happened in a video and Deceit comforting him then going off on the others? Platonic Anxiet?

Virgil’s hands shook as he left the video. It was hard to walk with his legs still feeling like jelly. He hated flying, he absolutely hated flying and heights and everything that came with them. He was barely able to see straight from the punch Thomas gave him. How a cartoonpunch had hurt him, Virgil didn’t know and he really didn’t want to think about it too hard.

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He ignored Patton’s calls for him as he stumbled up the stairs. He needed to get away and get away now. It was over, he was done. He couldn’t do this anymore. Ducking out was the only option now.

Villain, villain, villain.


Move, keep moving. You need to leave, you need to get out.

Hands suddenly gently grabbed his arms and Virgil tried to scramble back, pushing at the attacker’s chest weakly.“Get away from me!” He hissed out, voice distorted.

“Shhh,” the voice crooned.“It’s just me, Ann. It’s me, Dee. You know me. Take a deep breath for me.” Hands rubbed up and down his arms soothingly.“Shh, there we are. Deep breaths now.”

Virgil crumbled when he recognized the voice and allowed himself to be pulled into a loose hug, burying his face into a scale-coveredneck. He took a deep and shuddering breath, trying to follow along with the breathing pattern that Deceit was whispering in his ear.

Finally, once Virgil’s breathing had returned to normal, Deceit pulled back and studied his friend’s face. He gently traced the bruise that was forming under Virgil’s eye.“Someone hit you,” he whispered dangerously.“Who? Roman?”

Virgil ducked his head and shook his head.“Thomas.”

Deceit’s hands twitched and his eyes went wide.“Thomas? Virgil, love, tell me what this video was like?”

Virgil hesitated but softly and nervously revealed what had happened. He faltered several times but Deceit would squeeze his arms or give him a soft look that had Virgil spilling everything. At the end of his tale, Deceit’s face was hard with his one yellow eye was glowing softly.

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“I think,” he said with forced calm in his voice,“that you should go into my room for a little bit, Dearest. I find myself needing to have a talk with the others and Dear Thomas.” He pressed a gentle kiss to Virgil’s forehead and turned around, placing a hand on his lower back and leading his partner to his room.“Come, I’ll put some cream on that bruise to help with the pain.”

Virgil nodded and rested his head on Deceit’s shoulder. He didn’t say anything, still feeling the pain and numbness from the past video. But he followed Deceit down the hallway, knowing that his friend would help him now.