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How can I connect Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 to the clever TV

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Two techniques to connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Android smartphone to the TVUsing a HDMI Cableby WiFi

Two methods to affix your Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Android smartphoneto the TV

Using a HDMI Cable

This is the simplest method, due to the fact that youonly needan HDMI cable.It will count onthe kind of mobile device, some currently bring themicro HDMI port, but in other instances it will certainly be vital touse anMHL micro USB come HDMI converter, such together the above image, which has cost around 8 euros.

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All you have actually to attach the cable to her Android and the TV, and look for the HDMI resource with the TV remote.Once done, you will have the display screen of her smartphone or tablet computer on her TV and you can see games, apps, videos and your favorite content on the big screen.

by WiFi

To affix your smartphone to the TV wirelessly, 2 things room necessary.First, your TV must haveWiFi option, miscellaneous we find virtually any SmartTV today.On theother hand, her phone must additionally havemultiple function display.If you space sure the accounts with both options, just follow these steps:

Through the resource of her TV, find the wireless screen option.Start multi -screen alternative on her smartphone. When inside, her phone willstart searching forother tools that are linked to the WiFi network through this function.Here you must select your TV.Once the two devices are recognized, the screen of her smartphone show up on the TV.

There are also some applications wherein you need not follow these steps due to the fact that they canconnect to theTV automatically.This occurs v numerous video and photo applications, such as YouTube or her phonegallery.

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In these applications girlfriend willfind an symbol withtwo display screens or a screen and also connecting a WiFi signal.Clicking top top this button, you"ll uncover all the devices connected to her network.You have to choose your TV and the application in concern will appear on the screen.