Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 3 users confront various problems on their maker and Galaxy note 3 nNot cCharging or sSlow cCharging problem is one of them.Here space the best ways to solve this difficulty on her Galaxy note 3.See Also: top 3 ideal Battery saving Apps Android deal with Slow Charging

Steps to settle Galaxy keep in mind 3 not Charging or sluggish Charging Issue

Do not use the charger that came v your phone, no the laptop or computer:

Many of us charge our phones making use of a computer or laptop. The takes a lengthy time to charge and sometimes we think the call is not charging in ~ all. So always use the phone charger for much better result.See also- just how To settle Galaxy S5 USB link Problem

Turn off your phone once it is charging:

To speed up the charging process, revolve off her Galaxy keep in mind 3 and turn the on as soon as the call is completely charged. This way the phone will charge faster.Also, examine to watch if her phone has a problem with battery performance. If the battery drains faster than normal, this can be the cause of the slow-moving charging process. In together a case, the first thing to perform is to settle the trouble with the discharged battery.

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Check the charger:

Try one more Samsung charger and see if your an equipment charges faster. However, please make sure that the various other charger you room using is original as the Galaxy keep in mind 3 won’t charge or the sluggish charging difficulty is greatly caused by the 3rd party charger.

Delete device dump:

Open the dialerDial * # 9900 #Scroll down and click “Low Battery Dump”.Tap “Power On”.

Clean the charging port:

Clean the battery charging pins and also connector pins, and then shot again. Sometimes dust in the charging port can reason this problem. Use a toothpick come clean the connector effectively as displayed in the video. Also, usage a soft brush to gently brush the charging harbor or punch air into it.


Delete cache partition:

Another easy solution is come wipe the cache partition. Over there is no need to back-up your machine to clear the cache data as your data will remain unchanged.

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First rotate off your Galaxy keep in mind 3 completelyNext, press and hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons togetherOnce you watch the Galaxy note 3 logo design on the screen, relax the power button yet keep holding the various other two buttonsAfter a few seconds, the Android device recovery display will appear, then relax all buttonsVarious choices will appear. Use the volume down button to navigate and the power button to selectNavigate to and also select the “Wipe Cache Partition” option.Then pick the “Restart system now” option and also your mechanism will restart

If every one of these actions do not resolve your Galaxy note 3 will certainly not fee or charge slowly, friend should contact a repair center or your carrier.