Samsung were among the an initial of the significant smartphone manufacturers to combine Qi wireless charging into their devices, with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge being the first models to assistance the standard. Since the S6, many Galaxy models have actually supported wireless charging, with the sheer breadth that the Galaxy product variety resulting in a lengthy list the Qi-certified devices.

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Samsung has also built proprietary innovations on peak of the Qi conventional which permit faster charging v their own-branded charger, however all Galaxy models through wireless charging are also Qi-certified for guaranteed compatibility with any type of Qi wireless charger.

To make her life easier, we"ve compiled a substantial list of every the Samsung models which support Qi wireless charging, categorized according to the wireless charging an innovation and the maximum output strength you deserve to expect.

"all Galaxy models through wireless charging are likewise Qi-certified for guaranteed compatibility with any type of Qi wireless charger."

Up to 5 W (Qi BPP)

All Galaxy models v wireless charging are qualified of at the very least 5 W through a Qi-certified wireless charger. The following gadgets are limited to this simple output level.



S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 series was the first to assistance Qi certified wireless charging

Up come 9 W (with Samsung Proprietary Power shipment Extension; PPDE)

The first iteration the Samsung"s proprietary fast-charging an innovation enabled higher output through a compatible charger. The technology was eventually detailed to the Wireless power Consortium (WPC; which monitor the Qi certification) together an additional, optional enhancement to the Qi specification. Every Q repertoire chargers support the Samsung PPDE and can fee these devices at as much as 9 W.

Note5S7S7 EdgeS8S8+S8 ActiveNote8S9S9+Note9S10S10+S10eS10 5GGalaxy FoldNote10Note10+Note10+ 5G

10+ W (with fast Wireless Charging 2.0)

This second iteration is a Samsung proprietary technology and needs a Samsung-branded charger supporting quick Wireless Charging 2.0. Models which support fast Charging 2.0 will certainly still charge at approximately 9 W through a wireless charger.

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S20S20+S20 UltraS20 Ultra 5GNote20 5GNote20 Ultra 5GGalaxy Z wrinkles 2 5GGalaxy Z FlipGalaxy Z upper and lower reversal 5GS20 FES20 FE 5GS21S21 5 GS21 Ultra 5G

The Galaxy S20 lugged charging speeds in overabundance of 10 W with quick Wireless Charging 2.0

No matter which Samsung handset friend have, wireless charging is specific to make her life much easier and much more convenient in ~ home, in the office or top top the go—free you yourself from the clutter the cables v simple, one-handed charging. Be sure to inspect out"s Q arsenal of Qi-certified wireless chargers which also support Samsung"s PPDE quick Wireless Charging protocol.