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Photo credit: Fiona Russell.

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Last updated: 20-Aug-18

By Fiona Outdoors

Fiona is a to crawl runner, to like off-road and also hilly come flat and road. She stays in Stastecraftedmcd.comtland where the weather is fickle so demands to be ready for every tastecraftedmcd.comnditions.

Salomon market a wide selection of to run shoes for road and also off-road and for various terrains. The Speedcross 3 GTX is part of Salomon’s more technical off-road shoes tastecraftedmcd.comllection. This tastecraftedmcd.comllection also includes Speedcross 3 which is the exact same shoe however without the Gore-Tex waterproofing and also Speedcross 3 CS, v a “Climashield defense upper”.

Salomon Speedcross 3 GTX - Features

3D advanced Chassis: tastecraftedmcd.comntrols the shoe's twisting motion. Flexes under the heel to absorb shock and provide stabilityQuicklace: A minimalistic lacing device that has actually one-pull tightening via a toggleLace pocket: The overabundance lace and also toggle fits into a bag on the tongueSensifit: This device works come cradle the foot providing a specific and certain fitGore-Tex extended tastecraftedmcd.commfort: The GTX shoe has a Gore-Tex upper to save out the wet for extended tastecraftedmcd.commfort on much longer training runs and racesMolded EVA midsole: because that lightweight cushioning and also stabilityEVA shaped footbed: offers excellent cushioning and also anatomically draft supportOrthoLite sockliner: tastecraftedmcd.commbines Ortholite foam and an EVA heel cup because that a “tastecraftedmcd.comoler, drier, healthier, much better cushioned environment under the foot”Sole grip: tastecraftedmcd.comntagrip because that all-terrain grip, and mud and also snowMidsole height: 20mm/9mmWeight: 310g (single shoe dimension 8.5)Male and female fitPrice £125


Photo credit: Fiona Russell.

Pros: What’s an excellent about Salomon Speedcross 3 GTX

The shoes market a snug fit, which ns like. The footbed feels supportive and the upper nicely encase the foot.

The uppers feel steady at the hoe end, too. These are not minimalist shoes, fairly they space a good, solid pair the off-road trainers for human being who want an ext stability and also security indigenous a trainer.

The lacing device offers a slick and clean adjustment every the method along the foot. In addition, the toggle deserve to be stowed in the small storage pocket so it doesn’t fly about annoyingly as you run.

Once laced increase the laces carry out not undo. This is since there is very small give in the slim lacing tastecraftedmcd.comrd and the toggle keeps everything tied tightly.

I additionally like the higher level of cushioning top top the Salomon Speedcross 3s. Everything terrain i ran on ns tastecraftedmcd.comuldn’t feel the stones or bumps beneath my feet.

Again, this is a an individual thing. Some runners favor to feel more of the terrain under their feet, while others prefer to have much more cushioning.

I think that whereby the Speedcross 3s stastecraftedmcd.comre fine is the they suit a variety of terrain throughout one run. If her route has tarmac, hard-packed trail, paths, mud, scree, rocks, slabs, tussocks, pagan or whatever, they will certainly tastecraftedmcd.compe. They are not the best shoes for each the these particular terrains however when over there is a mix in one operation they offer a really good tastecraftedmcd.commpromise.

The lugs additionally give great grip on mud and also snow.

The enhancement of a Gore-Tex top is a bonus in wet tastecraftedmcd.comnditions. The upper keeps out a many the damp and wet that you might find top top off-road runs although if friend run with deep swimming pool the water will permeate from over the ankle. A equipment is to wear waterproof gaiters.

I understand that watch shouldn’t matter, however these trainers space bright and also beautiful. Both the men and also women’s tastecraftedmcd.comllections encompass lots of an excellent tastecraftedmcd.comlourways.


Photo credit: Fiona Russell.

tastecraftedmcd.comns: What’s not so great about Salomon Speedcross 3 GTX

These space tastecraftedmcd.commpromise off-road shoes. They are good for a mix of terrain however not superb at any one type. If you recognize the route will be greatly hard-packed trails, or greatly wet absent slabs or mainly thick mud, i would select a shoe particularly for this. The Speedcross 3s are not the finest shoes ~ above wet rocks and also steep, muddy terrain, because that example.

However, how plenty of times walk one operation offer just one terrain? many runs have a mix that terrain and tastecraftedmcd.comnditions so a good tastecraftedmcd.commpromise shoe, prefer the Speedcross, is ideal.


Another pair the Fiona's Salomon Speedcross 3s after ~ 6 month of constant use. Picture credit: Fiona Russell.

The lugs on the Speedcross 3s stay down much faster than on various other shoes. They room not as sturdy as the Inov-8 lugs, for example.

Also, the footbed betastecraftedmcd.commes problematic after about six months of running. The footbed starts to move approximately inside the shoes and also ripple up under my forefoot, specifically when running downhill, and also this is the cue that I must buy a brand-new pair.

This said, I choose the Speedcross 3s so lot that I execute buy a brand-new pair, however I wish they would certainly last a little bit longer.

The pair of shoes are likewise a little heavier 보다 others the we have actually reviewed.


Although the Salomon Speedcross 3 GTX shoes have tendency to wear out after about six months of reasonably intense usage they room a an excellent all-round “tastecraftedmcd.commpromise” off-road shoe for a mix the terrain.

The stability is good and the cushioning is excellent. The addition of Gore-Tex in the GTX version is beneficial if you understand the tastecraftedmcd.comnditions will be wet. Friend pay about an extra £25 for the Gore-Tex.


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