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St. Man Neumann local Catholic School photograph #2 - St. John Neumann RCS college student in the computer Lab.

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St. John Neumann local Catholic School picture #3 - middle school rocket science at St. John Neumann RCS.


St. Man Neumann local Catholic institution is dedicated to giving a quality education and learning that fosters and also reflects Gospel values in a Catholic environment.
St. Man Neumann regional Catholic School supplies a selection of after-school tasks for differed interests, including prolonged day program.
Grades: Prekindergarten-8Students: 305 studentsYearly Tuition: $8,780Acceptance rate: 90%Average class size: 17 studentsApplication Deadline: None / Rolling

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Altar Servers Society, arts Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Lego Club, Liturgy management Team, Mathstronauts, safety Patrol, Scouts, Spanish Club, college student Council, thinking Cap Quiz Bowl, WSJN News Crew, YearbookClub or Organization:"Adopt a Soldier" Ministry, "Amigos for Christ" Ministry, "Birthright Project", "Clyde's Kitchen" Crossroads Ministry, "Family Promise" breakfast bags, "Grey Nuns" Ministry, "Help the Homeless" Ministry, "Seminarian Project", fight of the Books, Nursing house Ministry, Robotics, St. Luke'sArts and also Music Programs:Church choir/band
St. John Neumann regional Catholic School"s commitment to alearning procedure is reflect in a curriculum the adjusts to theunique demands of separation, personal, instance students when respecting the rights,interests, and personal dignity of every child. The school"s soundacademic curriculum prepares college student to become productive membersof society in a human being that is becoming increasingly competitive.The curriculum at SJNRCS encompasses the following subject areasand each college student is compelled to get involved in every topic areataught in his or her grade level. The academic subjects includeReligion, Language Arts, analysis (Grades K - 5), literature (Grades6 - 8), Mathematics, Science, social Studies, Art, Music, Computer,Spanish, physical Education, Enrichment, and also Media (GradesK-8).
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The nearest high school, elementary school and preschool to St.John Neumann regional Catholic school is Killian Hill Christian school (1.5 mile away)
Grades: K-8 | 69 college student 2.2 mile 4875 Lilburn rock Mountain roadway SwLilburn, GA 30047(770) 279-8702
The teachers space phenomenal and very accommodating because that the students and parents. They press them to do the finest they deserve to in academics, spirituality growth,and caring for their fellow man through community and also charitable works. Nathan will be graduating this year and he is saying just how he will miss everyone, wondering where the three years he went there, have gone. I cannot thank everyone sufficient on all assist we have actually received, help him come to be a good and humble person. Through sincere gratitude.
Our boys are now in middle School and have to be students in ~ SJNRCS since Kindergarten. We might not be more pleased with the scholastic and spiritual education and learning that our children are receiving. The faculty and also staff room committed to offering a quality education in a loving, Christian environment. The school neighborhood is close-knit and also caring. Us couldn't imagine having actually our youngsters at any type of other school!
This institution is amazing. The atmosphere is warm and caring. The faculty is superb together is the curriculum they teach. That is challenging, yet I view my youngsters not simply succeeding yet learning how to find out which is SO vital for their continued success throughout their education and in life. Accessibility to teachers and also staff is always easily accessible and the feedback we receive on a continuous basis regarding our children's development is phenomenal. Ns cannot introduce this college to highly!
I have been a parental at St. Man Neumann region Catholic school for 10 years. My oldest son graduated last year and also we can not it is in happier v the education that the received. Ns currently, have a 2nd grade student and also we proceed to be exceptionally pleased v the education he is receiving. St. Man Neumann is a Blue Ribbon school of Excellence. They take a balanced approach by nourishing a children mind, physical and also spiritual being. Tuition is really reasonable. The faculty and also staff are excellent communicators and approachable. They truly care about your children and also want to carry out all they can to make them successful. One of the things I most like around the college is their sense of community. Castle uphold solid Christian values and assist instill lock in our children. The students, faculty and parents re-superstructure a meeting to serving others v the plenty of philanthropy projects.

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The dedication of the teachers is amazing. Our kids are both an extremely different, and also both of their requirements are being met. The teachers actually care about providing one excellent, innovated, an overwhelming academic program. They also care around helping our kids with their an individual growth and also maturity. They provide positive feedback ~ above a regular basis, and also for those of us parents that worry, we evaluate that.
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