Ryan Follese bring his pop-rock sensibilities come "Put a brand on It." The singer's story around the start of a relationship is told within a really country arrangement, however his conversation steps outside those walls.

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Follese brings a fresh perspective come a usual country theme. During "Put a label on It," he describes that minute when a relationship becomes main — on facebook official, even. It's a familiar adolescent scene the recalls high institution nerves, even if he's speak of two people of drinking age.

The light-hearted new single native Follese's self-titled EP is relatable, however not permanent. Pan will gain the song in the moment, lot like the two lovers he's singing of. "Put a brand on It" is a great introduction come the hot Chelle Rae singer.

Did girlfriend Know?: Ryan Follese's dad composed Tim McGraw's "Something prefer That."

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Ryan Follese's "Put a label on It" Lyrics:

You've to be peeling ago the brand on that long neck party for ten minute now, spit it the end / You've been drinking up the courage, I’m watching her wheels turning so simply lay the out, what's it around / ns think I know where this is going / and it's gonna it is in a big change / I have the right to read you choose a book, girl / and we're ~ above the exact same page.

Chorus: So you tell her friends and I'll phone call mine / we both recognize it's comes It's too tough to hide, yeah / Can't wait for another minute / Let's go and also get it over v / Acting choose it isn't as soon as we recognize it is / ns think it's time we define the connection / You're all that I ever before wanted / Let's go and also put a label on it.

Know us took a small time, there's much more clothes that yours 보다 mine in mine closet now, ns don't know just how / we didn't execute this sooner, yeah, over there ain't naught cooler than having you around, increase in this residence / yes I prefer the means you're smiling / when you're looking at me that way / I watch it created on her face, girl / We're top top the very same page.

We might capture a tiny hell for this / 'Cause it ain't no mystery / They've been telling us what this is.

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Me and also you, you and also me / Let's placed a label on it, infant / Let's do it official / Me and you, you and also me / us can readjust our status.