Ruby rose is running out of the woodland into a clear ar near her house at Patch. She looks back at the forest and also raises her fists. Ruby climate hears a whoosh and looks earlier before unexpectedly being punched in the torso 2 times prior to being kicked in the face.

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Ruby is knocked come the ground after her tiny beat down. She rubs her head together she looks as much as see a dark humanoid Grimm looking at her.

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(Old Crusader emperors 2 art involving a afflict Doctor, i beg your pardon serves as the physical design template of the Reapers)

Ruby: No fair! You offered your powers to litter me off balance!

The Grimm tilts his head and also summons a scythe. He tosses it increase a small to flip it and also grab the top grip and points the lower grip at Ruby. She take away it and also he traction her as much as her feet. She then sighs.

Ruby: i know, my enemies won't always play fair so I have to be prepared for anything right?

The Grimm nods silently. Ruby gets in a attitude for another round that hand come hand combat v her Grimm teacher prior to she hears she dad.

Tai: Ruby! Time for dinner!

Ruby looks ago to see Taiyang looking in ~ her and her teacher and sighs.

Ruby: Coming! i m really sorry Reaper.

The Grimm gestures that it's fine and also for her to walk eat. Ruby operation to her residence as Taiyang walks approximately Reaper.

Tai: friend know, I'm in reality surprised of exactly how much she's learned due to the fact that you acquired here ten year ago. You and Qrow have actually been an excellent teachers come her.

Reaper nods in ~ Tai as the person turns and walks earlier to the residence with reaper silently standing in the field.

Ten years? has it really been that long?

Reaper very first came to Patch ~ trekking for 2 years indigenous Mistral. Prior to she died, Summer made him promise to look ~ Ruby. Amazing how she can trust a Grimm to defend her only (biological) daughter. As soon as he an initial arrived, Taiyang do the efforts to kill him yet now they're kinda friends.

The Grimm patrols the grounds together the sunlight starts come set. He climate sees Ruby walking out of the home still in her usual outfit. She heads end to reaping machine with her hands clasped together.

Ruby: can we continue training please? I desire to have actually an advantage during the Vytal Tournament following week as soon as my team fights.

Reaper silently stares in ~ her. Ruby provided to it is in so intimidated through his stares but after a while, she just acquired used to them. The Grimm shakes his head and points to she house. Ruby pouts.

Ruby: Pleeeaaaase? just one round?

Reaper lowers his head together if he was sighing before giving a thumbs up.

Ruby: Yes! say thanks to you!

The two practice for one hour prior to Ruby ultimately goes come bed. Reaper sits through a tree and also waits for the sunlight to rise again.

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End Part

Author's Note: Reapers are physically modeled after torment Doctors, mainly since of a belief that if you check out a torment Doctor, death is no too far behind. Though your weapons, mentality, and also namesake space modeled ~ the Grim Reaper.Another keep in mind is the the sophisticated hat doesn't come through the region of being a Reaper. In fact, usually a reaper would be wearing a hood for the Grim Reaper facet in your personage.