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Hear what i say, we space the business todayFuck shit is finished today (what)RT and J—we the new PB & JWe to reduce a standard today (what)We walk a tablet computer of acid todayLit joints v the matches and ashes awaySKRRRT! us dash awayDonner and Dixon, the pistol is blasting awayDoctors that deathCuring our patient of breathWe are the ache you deserve to trustCrooked at workCookin" increase curses and also slursSmokin" my brain into mushI became famous for flamin" girlfriend fucksMaimin" my way through the brushThere is no maintain or taming of me and also my bruhLook prefer a man, but I"m animal rawWe room the murderous pairThat checked out jail and also we murdered the murderers thereThen checked out Hell and also discovered the devilDelivered some hurt and also despairUsed to have powder to pushNow ns smoke pounds the the kushHoly, I"m burnin" a bushNow I offer a fuck around none of this shitJewel jogger over and also out the this bitchWoo!Woo!Step into the spotlight, woo!Woo!Copping of uppers and downers gain doneI"m in a rush to be numbDroppin" a thousands ain"t muchCome from the cloudsOn a missile to turn this whole town right into dustDon"t make a sound, baby, hushI to be the life swipe right, ~ above the mic I"m a slutI don"t know how to not spit like a loutI"ll pour out a pound of my children on your couchHalf of a mongrel and also mythical teamVillainous treacherous thingsLegend says El is a generate out of HellThe myth is my mama"s a murderous queenYour life can end like in Godfather 1You gain the gun as I christen mine sonIf I die today and it"s Hell I have to payTell the lord Mikey said, "Fuck, it was fun"Every new record"s my dick in a boxWe gain a doozy, the moola"s a lockYou"re obtaining used to me law no wrongI don"t beat chicken, girlfriend prick, I"m a foxYou wanna absent it, I"ll give you the rocksYou kiss the lumber chipper blade if friend barkI"m fuckin" magic, in truth I"m a warlock the talkI gained a unicorn horn because that a (stop)Woo!Woo!Step into the spotlight, woo!Woo!And the crowd goes RTJ!And the group goes RTJ!And the crowd goes RTJ!And the group goes RTJ!RTJ!RTJ!RTJ!RTJ!Mike Pentangeli won"t snitchI"ll rent a room at the RitzI"ll sip a fifth of the whiskI"ll exhilaration a dub in the tubThen i will separation both my wristsI"ll traction a knife on you simpsJust with a flick that the wristGet your neck offering up mistMe and also Mike skip away whistlin" and grinEvery day"s gold when you just winBullyin" bastards and beatin" top top beatsSounds favor a day at the beach, preachI store it middle school, step on your feetBefore you deserve to speak, blaow! come the teethWe move amongst the ones girlfriend think room meekYou think I"m lion, you right, view my teethDon"t it is in a bore as soon as I"m roaring vamooseHunting"s no fun when your food doesn"t moveI"ll placed a gun come a bunny like chooseSay somethin" funny or bunny go boomYou got a bevy the shit you might grooveWe"d favor to thank you for picking our crewAnd that"s indigenous the crew you deserve to trustWarranty plus for fuckin" shit upWe are the no-gooders, do-goodersKnown come the dancers and also dealers and doers of dust