I"m presently trying to make a hack of fire emblem and I lastly got assist with the one question eexceptionally newbie appears to have as soon as hacking which is the battle script. After that difficulty was addressed another one popped up sigh. Soooo on to ask my question. When this problem came up up I wondered is it a lot easier simply to develop a game of fire emblem rather of hacking one? RPG maker XP is and also awesome regimen for making rpg games and also doesn"t have a lot constraints favor hacking a rom does. Has anyone ever before produced a fire emblem game with rpg maker? I constantly watch information on hacking however not producing from scratch so this is why I ask. If anyone has actually made one or looked right into making one from rpg maker or has any kind of advice on that could they please tell me. Thanks in advance

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Never before heard of an actual FE-esque game released on RPG Maker, but I know of some advantageous sources for making SRPG"s without needing much understanding for hacking or scripting.

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Before I tell you about them yet, let me plug this thread in right here. It"s not a resource, but it"s just basic advice from a veteran hacker. The point is, hacking is not easy, nor is it just something you can do willy nilly. It takes time, and also you"re always gonna have actually trouble. Even the best hacks had actually difficulties. If you want to put out a high quality product, you have to be devoted to it and also open-minded.

Bottom line, do not get discouraged if you store running right into roadblocks. It happens to everyone who wants to hack, also vets (though the nature of those blocks has a tendency to be various for them, yet they"re impeding advancement none-the-less). You have so many type of sources and also people to call upon, so your capacity to develop hacks is just limited by your willingness to do so.


Anyway, if you"re certain collection that hacking isn"t your point, then right here are some beneficial resources:

FEXP: It"s no longer supported, nor is it a finish product, however it"s tright here and also it"s specifically for RPG Maker XP. And it"s intended for you to make games in the style of the GBA FE"s, so there"s that.FEXNA: Developed by the very same guy that did FEXP, however it"s actually sustained. Not for RPG Maker, yet Microsoft XNA. However before, it isn"t out yet, and more than likely won"t be out for a long while; it"s remained in breakthrough for about 4 years, I think. But development is still happening, so it"s somepoint to look forward to. Until it does come out, look at the various other resources obtainable to you.GubiD"s Tactical Battle System (GTBS) for VX Ace: Not particularly FE style, nor is it just somepoint you can simply plug in and also usage without a little compelled analysis, however it"s a lot much easier than hacking. It provides a turn-based strategy fight device rather equivalent to FE, yet without the hallmarks of a FE game like supports or weapon triangle. Still, it"s really great, and it"s for RPG Maker VX Ace.Lecode Tactical Battle System (LTBS) for MV: Same as the previous, other than not fairly as complete and also it"s for RPG Maker MV instead. It"s the best strategies plugin I know of that"s for the a lot of current RPG MakerSRPG Studio: Very good regimen. The default graphics and also engine are extremely much motivated by the Jugdral games, and also it"s pretty much exactly just the FE version of RPG Maker. There"s just one issue; it"s a Japanese product that never saw localization. You deserve to download a demo for it which... actually is not as well restricted. You can only make five maps, yet those maps aren"t limited in size, and also you can develop a generous amount of audio and graphical resources for the engine. So if you deserve to obtain passed the language obstacle, it"s not a bad product at all.GameMaker Studio/Construct 2: Just basic game breakthrough engines that are easy to use. I"m certain you have the right to make an SRPG via them, even one that"s favor FE. Though you"ll must learn how to use such programs, and also it"s much even more preferable if you understand programming. But they were made with ease of access in mind, so I"m sure a newb might learn to make a decent game with it.

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Just Google whichever one appears like it"s up your alley. If nothing else, you have the right to take programming classes and also learn just how to create a game completely from scrape.