The 64-year-old actress is more gorgeous than ever after undergoing a drastic weight loss in current years.

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In the late 90s, Roseanne supposedly reached 350 pounds and made a decision to have actually gastric bypass surgery in an effort to control her weight and shed some pounds. She underwent the effective procedure in 1998.

Today, the Roseanne star is allegedly down 200 pounds and has actually embraced a new healthy way of living. “I went on a brand-new diet. It’s radical and also revolutionary. It’s where you eat much less and relocate more — you know, just straightforward,” Roseanne joked in a previous interwatch.

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“I just desire to store obtaining healthy and balanced and let go of excess baggage to bring roughly, so I’m lighter on my feet and also in my life,” she added.


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Roseanne has been incredibly open around her battles to lose weight throughout her more than 30-year Hollylumber career.

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In 1998, Roseanne underwent gastric bypass surgical treatment to assist spark a far-ranging weight loss.

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She apparently reached 350 pounds, which ignited her desire to have weight loss surgery.

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Because then the actress has actually also strived to eat much better and exercise more!

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"I went on a new diet. It"s radical and also revolutionary. It"s wbelow you eat much less and relocate more — you understand, just basic," Roseanne once shelp of her weight loss.

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"I just desire to store obtaining healthy and also let go of excess baggage to bring around, so I"m lighter on my feet and also in my life," she sassist.

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Roseanne has apparently burned around 200 pounds during her weight loss journey.

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Keep up the great work, Roseanne, you look amazing!


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