L> hike ImmortalsCreated by: "Bodhi" "Here are two characters to populate her In Nomine project with."The hike Jew (s?)There are numerous different legends around a Jewish man, who wanders the Earthunable to die until the world shall concerned an end. Different legends claimdifferent origins for this individual. Part even case that he wasn"t Jewish,originally. Below are 2 characters, based upon these legends, who deserve to beso inserted in your project as to add a tiny flavour, a touch that intrigue,and a dash of historic literature.Ahasuerus (the great Guy)Ahasuerus to be a Jew who was cursed through Christ in Matthew 16:28 (Verily Isay depend you, there be some standing here, i m sorry shall no taste that death,till they watch the son of guy coming into his kingdom.) the is doomed to neverdie until the "Second Coming", or till the end of the World,Armageddon, what have actually you. Over the years, the has got a ridiculous amount that experience, and hastherefore raised his stats just about as high as humanly possible. That hasall statistics at a level of 10, giving him five forces in all locations (aForce 15 individual!!!)... Yet don"t tell the pcs this! that is a small cynical,a little tired, very mysterious, and also filled with understanding that no mortalshould possess!! the has due to the fact that learned his Lesson, acknowledged his Destiny,and is functioning in a clandestine path (through Yves, who views him together oneof the finest examples of one individual agree his Destiny) to carry aboutthe finish of the War, the end of the World, and also his own possibility to actuallydie and move on come his last reward. That is no a fighter, because that every wound the inflicts is feeling upon his own body.If he in reality kills somebody, his body quits until such time as the corpseof his victim is fully reduced to bones... The end an outcome is the ifhe kills somebody, he winds up gift trapped in his very own mortal vessel, unableto move, because that a period of around ten years. This has actually taught him thatViolence is not the path he is come follow.Instead, he has become the consummate info broker, the scholar, thesage, the spy, the one who digs things up. He has an ext secrets than anyhundred politicians! He knows a lot about a most things, including fighting(but not killing!), and he provides his insight, knowledge, and also informationfor the Celestial side. I would say, therefore, that his skills lie somewherearound 4 for points that that is just moderately knowledgeable at, and anythingthat that has ever been interested in he has actually raised to a skill of 6. The probablypossesses just about every ability imaginable, and some skills that are nolonger practiced.Indeed, end the years, he has actually learned every corporeal tune (again, probablyaround 6), although the attempts no to usage these songs, lest they draw attentionfrom the other Side.Cartaphilus (The poor Guy)Cartaphilus (sometimes known as Longinus) was one of the roman inn guards whowas responsible for Christ"s maintaining in His last days. The struck Christrepeatedly, beat the visciously, and gambled with the other guards because that Hisrobe as a trophy, and also was therefore cursed come wander the planet until theEnd. He, too, has gained sufficient experience to raise his statistics to the maximumhuman level. However, he has actually a slightly various perspective ~ above things.He has actually never accepted his Destiny, and instead has actually rebelled strong againstthe Celestial side. The works in the direction of his can be fried goal, the destructionof the World, through the victors being the Diabolicals.He does not endure the same difficulties as Ahasuerus. That does no feel thepain that his victims, although that still suffers native the trouble of beingtrapped inside his mortal vessel, can not to move, if he ever actually killssomebody. Too countless events such together this have stripped Cartaphilus of hissanity, and he is left v little more than a driving must inflict painon others. That dearly loves to torture individuals, and also then leave them crippledand maimed, to experience out the remainder of your ephemeral lives in agony. Theirpathetic tiny pains do not stroked nerves him, for he is Cursed v an eternityof pain, suffering, and also madness!Thus, while he does not kill his victims, he is an skilled at fighting, andrendering people wounded, maimed, unconscious, what have you. He doesnot often deliver the final killing stroke, yet he has been recognized to dothis at the very least 13 times end the millenia.He especially loves to maim and also torture Celestial vessels, for they can"take it" far better than anybody that has ever met. Secretly, he believesthat if he can "break" a celestial, and also cause him come renounceGod, that celestial will take his place, and also he will certainly be allowed the peaceof the grave. (this is no the case, yet this doesn"t protect against him native trying...)His skills, therefore, are somewhat limited when it comes to knowledge areasand academics. (skill level 4) Instead, the excells in ~ the warrior arts,as well as torture! He, too, knows all the Corporeal songs at a level of6, however is again loathe to actually usage them, lest the be found by someCelestial. He functions for Kronos, that views Cartaphilus as one of his bestachievements! This individual has truly embraced his Fate!Neither individual is well known to the majority of Celestials/Diabolicals.If Angels and Demons knew the level of power these individuals possess,it would seriously skew your perspective on the War. Therefore, these individualsare alone, also with regards to other beings the longevity. Ahasuerus is sociable and likable, yet Cartaphilus tends to "use up"his mortal friend quickly. No one has any friends amongst their respectivesides in the War, together this would reveal their secret. They have, each intheir very own way, encountered numerous Celestials, Diabolicals, Archangels, Princes,Grigori, and other strange Things! The lessonsthey"ve learned from your encounters have actually been quite different, however.More to the point, they check out each various other with a deep and also resonant Hatred.They see, in each other, the path that they can have taken. While at onetime castle may have felt sympathy for one another, and also even tried come "save"the various other from their mistaken direction in Life, they have actually long since abandonedany pretense in ~ sympathy. Instead, they wish to merely make an end of theother, and also themselves, by help their particular side success the last War.They have the right to then walk Home, and Rest.Finally, that is necessary to remember the the stories, legends, fables,and tales about the wandering Jew all have actually some basis in the occasions of theiroverly-long lives. Play up the immortal aspect, and also give them a collection ofreminiscences about their particular existences.I"d imply using these individuals as "mysterious guys in black"in an ongoing campaign. ~ a series of campaigns, in which this extremelyknowledgeable individuals have become crucial points, have the computers investigatetheir origins. That knows, maybe the pcs will eventually befriend one, orthe other... Or both? Personally, I"m not really comfortable through them gift so Powerful, butI can"t imagine living 2000 years and also not gaining sufficient experience come raiseone"s stats come ten, etc. If friend wish, you can tone them down, but do atleast try to come up with a great rationalization as to why people suchas this seem to never ever "learn" noþeles from your experienceson Earth. I have the right to come up v rationalizations because that this, yet none the themsit well in mine craw, so I"m leave them as is. However, I"d fist GMsthat if you have players such together mine, this players will certainly assume one incrediblelevel the power.

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My players LOVE come play the "what if my personality keepsdeveloping at this price for his preferably life-span" game. Whew, carry out thosecharacter points include up!!!Walk in Beauty, rob Wolff / Bodhirob