Are you wonder – why is my Roku far blinking? If you space noticing a blinking light on your Roku remote, that might be one indication of numerous equipment problem factors.

In most cases, blinking light on a Roku remote results in concerns when pairing or connecting with the controller.

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In this post, we will take a closer look in ~ Roku controller indications and how come identify and also resolve worries in their early on stage.

Keep reading to uncover this issue and also learn just how to prevent additional complications.

Why are Roku remote Lights Blinking?

As girlfriend probably know the remote is one of the most important pieces of tools when it pertains to streaming setup.

If friend have ever before had an unresponsive remote, you have to be aware of the frustration that it causes and also blinking lamp on a Roku far certainly means that something is no right.

There space two color of light that have the right to start to flicker top top a Roku remote, green light, and red-yellowish light. In many cases, the blinking light is a sign of one error, which should prompt on your TV/device as well. Depending upon how severe the problem is, you might not it is in able to access any show or use the remote.

Having that in mind, let’s take it a look in ~ what both lights mean.

Why is my Roku far Blinking Green?

In general, the blinking eco-friendly light on your Roku remote way that the controller is not working. The most common reason is a shortage the battery life, which method that a basic replacement have the right to stop the flashing eco-friendly light.

So, if you notice a environment-friendly blinking light on the Roku remote you might not have the ability to use even the simpler regulates or interact with the streaming player.

Why is my Roku remote Blinking Red or Yellow?

In contrast, the red-yellowish blinking light on a Roku remote many certainly means that the maker does no receive any type of power. The yellow light also indicates worries when pairing and you can have to apply some troubleshooting actions in stimulate to deal with them.

Before we jump right right into the solution, we need to identify what kind of controller you have so friend can use the specific workaround.

Types of Roku far Controllers

Now once you are mindful that blinking light on a Roku controller go not mean anything good, the is time to discover out what type of controller girlfriend are managing so you nothing waste time using worthless troubleshooting.

Roku offers just two different species of remote controls:

The traditional Infrared (IR) controllerEnhanced allude Anywhere (EPA) remote.

It is vital to recognize which one you have when it involves troubleshooting as few of the steps cannot be used on both devices.

It is easy to identify which one you have actually by simply checking the battery compartment. If it does have actually a pairing switch that means that you are using the much more advanced EPA remote. If that lacks the feature, you have the typical infrared (IR) controller.

Once you have a clear expertise of which kind of Roku remote you have, it is time to troubleshoot the blinking lights.

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How To solve Blinking lights on Roku Remote?


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