Objective: find a means to ruin the gate¶

Once the super-long, tricky and frustrating hit is over, be certain to loot every one of the adversaries – you room bound to have expended a many ammo. Over there is also a piece of Magnesite Ore to the left of the ruined entrance and three Herb shrubs roughly this area i beg your pardon you’ll most likely need come re-stock her healing ability!

Enter the recently opened door nearby that is shown by the target marker. Usage the wheel device on the wall surface to raise the adjacent door. Proceed through the door and also up the stairs.

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At the height of the stairs, rotate to your right to clues a barricaded passage. Usage your guns to ruin the barricade. Run and also jump across to the ledge ~ above the far side that the gap. In the room here, job-related your method down the balcony come the best to uncover a Relic <09/10 – wood Icon> .

Return to the stairs and look behind them because that a piece of Magnesite Ore if you room interested. Method the target marker as soon as you room ready and use her Rope Arrows with the hanging log in to swing throughout to the following area.


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Destroy the barricade (left) to find Relic 09 ~ above the walkway behind it. Usage the Rope Arrows to swing under to the platform listed below (right).

As you land, usage your Rope Arrows to remove the obstacle to the right to develop a shortcut ago to the previous base Camp. Native the doorway we just opened up, look on height of the wall above and to the left the this to spot the last target Statue on a stone handrail.

From the far end of this platform, use the zip line to reach an additional in the distance. As you arrive, fight the pickaxe button to seize the ice wall and rise to the top.

Ahead over there is a large chunk of ice behind a crane v a hanging basket. Prior to approaching this, climb up ~ above the upper ledge ~ above the left to discover an Archivist’s Map . Shooting the rope covered section of the crane eight to have actually it rotate and also position the hanging basket through the ice cream wall. Now merely sprint increase the ramp here and jump to the basket to have actually it ruin the ice wall.

With the ice out of the way, you’ll see a weak wooden wall behind it. Use your Broadhead Arrows to produce a route all the method to the top before using lock to climb up.

Objective: usage the trebuchet to ruin the gate¶

Scale the central platform below to reach a second trebuchet. Unfortunately, this one’s eight is blocked, avoiding us native firing it. Native the wheel device on the side of the trebuchet rotate the trebuchet so that the beam in prior is facing the surrounding tower. Use the beam in front to jump in the direction of the nearby tower with the rope spool. Usage the Grapple axes come latch ~ above the ledge that the tower and also pull yourself up.


Loot package of reagents here and stand alongside the spool the rope. Shoot the Rope arrowhead attachment allude on the blockage in ~ the former of the trebuchet. Through the rope linking the two in place, jump earlier to the trebuchet and use the wheel system to cost-free the arm. We’ll now be able to use the trebuchet.

Rotate the trebuchet come the left. About halfway in between our existing location and the target gate in the distance, on top of a tower you’ll discover the last Signal pyre. Fight this v trebuchet fire .


If you have actually completed every challenge in the video game to this point, you’ll earn the achievement/trophy ‘ Compulsive ’.


Hit the gate through the trebuchet because that a scene.

Objective: go to the various other trebuchet¶

Following the scene, you’ll be dealing with the following trebuchet in the distance and also there will certainly be a pair of Archers below shooting in ~ you. Overlook the baddies for currently (unless you room a really an excellent shot and also want to take them out of course) and drop come the communication below. Method the rope pillar and use a Rope arrow whilst standing next to this to shoot the attachment suggest below. Use the result zip heat to reach the following tower top.

Scramble increase the wall surface to the best to the platform above and use the half-walls her to take it cover. Eliminate any type of Archers you have the right to see top top the trebuchet communication ahead. Was standing on the ramp dealing with the trebuchet and shoot one of the rope spanned arms the the rotating beam ahead to revolve it 90 degrees, developing a bridge.

Cross the beam to the far side and jump to the ice wall. Follow the set platforming path until you reach the communication above. Upon arriving at the platform, also if you had actually previously clearing out all of the Archers, there will be an additional two waiting for you together with a halberd wielding melee soldier here. Use the Greek Fire vessels for some aid in killing them if necessary.

Objective: rest the ice cream off the gear and fire the trebuchet¶

Around the much side the the trebuchet communication from where you climbed up there is a crate the Salvage . Listed below you’ll watch a balance beam through a hanging basket top top one end, tilting it diagonally. Shoot the end with the hanging basket with a Rope arrowhead to have the lower finish of the beam challenge the trebuchet.

Jump top top the balance beam and also use it together a ramp to with the peak of the tower at the much end. There is one Explorer’s Satchel behind the heap of debris here. Locate the bucket atop the tower here, stand next to it and also shoot the high finish of the balance beam v a Rope arrowhead to attach it.


Now use your Rope Arrows to rotate the balance beam so the the now closed bucket passes beneath the waterfall below the tower us pulled the bucket under from. Once the bucket is filled v water, the balance beam need to tilt the other way so the the early stage hanging basket is now on the high end of the beam. The metal basket should likewise be encountering the trebuchet.

Back in ~ the base of the an initial flight that stairs, look for a small ledge to the right. There is a item of Magnesite Ore here. Look in the direction of the wood bucket filled through water and also shoot the level come release part water and also then shoot the lever once again come close that – we’ll want to release sufficient water so the the balance beam come be around level.

Once the beam has actually levelled out, use the nearby ramp to jump to the wooden scaffolding v the balance beam atop it. Indigenous here, run and also jump come the metal basket through the handhold this should break the ice cream here.

Return come the trebuchet for a scene.

Objective: ruin the gate and also repel the attack¶

Following the scene, your position will be under assault by three huge groups the Deathless Archers. Fortunately, ours trebuchet deserve to dish out large-scale area of impact damage and one or two accurately inserted shots can get rid of a whole group. The Archers deserve to be found:

On the platform neighboring the first, damaged trebuchet belowBelow on top of the damaged tower, just to the left of the trebuchet’s staring orientation.On the tower with a signal pyre ~ above the far, left.

Objective: overcome the bridge¶

When us are back in control, drop back down come the platform below. To the ideal of the balance beam framework there is a rope pillar. Stand by this and use the Rope Arrows on an attachment allude present ~ above the tower below.

Grab the crate of salvage here and again usage the Rope Arrows by the rope obelisk to create a zip line to the building in the distance. Journey the zip heat down, drop and grab the ice wall before utilizing it and the nearby handholds to reach the top.

Kill the archer by the far finish of the platform and also another top top the roof opposite before using the grapple axe ~ above the overhanging beam come swing throughout to the second Archer’s location.

At this point, a trebuchet somewhere beyond the gate will begin firing ~ above your position periodically. Because that the most part it’s a nice lousy shot, but still it’s a an excellent idea to save your eye on the skies in the direction that is firing native in situation you must make a rapid adjustment.

On the parallel structure to the left, a group of four Archers will show up at the far end. Use the ship of Greek Fire and also the hanging metal Greek Fire container to thin out the numbers prior to using her weaponry to pick of any type of survivors. Relocate to the far end of your present platform and also take the end the Archer the roof opposite prior to using the grapple axe on the overhanging beam come swing across the gap.

At the finish of this rooftop, over there is a wooden platform with a rope pillar. Usage this to create a zip line to the attachment suggest in the home window of the main building below. Slide down to the building and re-enter the courtyard through the second gate wherein we dealt with that tricky battle earlier.

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Run up the stairs and also jump throughout the gap to the ruined gate. Proceed on v to the other side.