Our guide to finding and finishing off every single Challenge and side mission that features in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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The challenges and missions featured in this section are available as soon as you enter an area, although some (for example Capture the Flag) may require equipment or skills you don"t possess on your first visit. If you complete a mission and the next one doesn"t spawn, then fast-travelling to another location and back should trigger it.

The exact locations of the challenge items are generally hard to describe ("third bush to the left of the big tree behind the rock that looks a bit like a cow") but you"ll pass most of them as you work through the plot, and Survival Instinct will highlight them to help you spot your targets.

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Syria Challenges and side missions


Hang "em High:

Destroy seven gold incense burners. These are large gold objects swinging from the ceiling. They"re all located in The Syrian Tomb, and this can be completed either in free-roam, or during The Prophet"s Tomb. Simply shoot the wooden blocks above each one to destroy them.

Siberian Wilderness Challenges and side missions


Grab and Go:

Kill and loot three human enemies during Best Laid Plans.

Soviet Installation Challenges and side missions


Communications Breakdown: Locate and destroy the broadcast repeaters. These are marked on your map, although the one in the centre of the area requires a bit of climbing to reach. Destroy them all and return to the quest-giver to receive a handy lockpick.

Dangerous Territory: Head to the cave marked on your map and kill the wolves. Return to the quest-giver to receive a pistol upgrade.

Gulag Recon: Available after completing Dangerous Territory. Head to the wolf cave to start the quest, then travel to the Gulag campsite and collect the items from the markers. There will be a handful of guards patrolling near the marker furthest from camp, but they"re easily dealt with. Return to the quest-giver to collect your reward.

The Unlucky Ones: Given after completing Communications Breakdown. Head towards the objective marker and jump into the icy water far below. Quickly swim across to the other side of the stone pillar and clamber onto land, then use your axe to climb to the top. Jump across to the cliff on the other side of the river, climb up, and create a rope bridge to the next outcrop.

Climb across, scale the cliff, and climb the tree at the top so you can jump across to the next area. Guards are patrolling here so be careful. Make your way to the building and head inside. Head down the stairs and take out the unsuspecting guard in the doorway. Deal with the one to your right, and finally the chap having a quick nap. Pick the lock on the cell door, free the prisoners, then head back to the quest-giver.

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Misguided Intelligence: Unlocked after completing The Unlucky Ones. Use Survival Instincts to follow the green marker, and simply shoot the bird then return to the quest-giver.


Data Corruption: In the Gulag area you"ll come across some conspicuous looking laptops. Shoot or melee them to destroy them.

Into Darkness: Simply enter five of the caves located in the area.

Capture the Flag: Around the area are seven Soviet flags. Cut them down with your knife to complete the challenge. (The knife is obtained during the Shortcut mission in Abandoned Mines.)

Difference of Opinion: Destroy seven Soviet propoganda posters. Use Molotovs or fire arrows to burn them.

Research Base Challenges and side missions


Scorched Earth: Around the area are four large fuel tankers. Detonate them to complete the challenge. This extra Challenge can technically be done during the story, but as the explosions will draw enemy attention you may prefer to come back and do it later.

Geothermal Valley Challenges and side missions


Ancient Secrets: Quest-giver is in the bottom of a ruined tower south-east of Ruins Encampment. Earn coins for each optional Challenge Tomb you complete, and a new outfit for completing all nine. Return to the quest-giver to collect the reward either a bit at a time or all at once.

Defensive Strategy: Issued by villager near the waterfall. Gather hardwood and deer hides. If you don"t already have them, then there"s a hunting area in the central area of the village. Return to the quest-giver, then interact with the basket behind him. Head to the other objective marker in the south-west corner of the area, then back to the quest-giver.

Surveillance Disruption: Acquired from a villager west of the Ruins Encampment. Use Survival Instinct to locate and destroy four drones flying around the area, then return to the quest-giver.

A Hearty Meal: Acquired from the same villager. Gather four mushrooms and two boar, then return with the spoils. There"s a boar cave just the other side of the river, and there"s a fair chance you already have the mushrooms.


Fowl Play: Grab five chickens and throw them into the chicken pen. The pen is a small fenced-off area in front of the pumpkin patch near the Farmstead campsite. Approach a chicken and hit X to grab it (this is easily done by using LS to sprint, then grabbing the chicken as you overtake it), then carry it to the pen and use LT/RT to toss it in.

Bulls Eye: Dotted around the hub area are some gold targets blowing in the breeze. Hit the bullseyes with an arrow to complete the challenge.

Hung Out to Dry: Also dotted around the area are a few rabbits that have been strung up. Cut the supporting rope on all six (requires the knife.)

High Diving: There are four platforms overlooking areas of water. Perform a high-dive from each to complete this challenge.

Tossing Gourds: From Cathedral Courtyard camp, head up the steps and drop into the area below. Head south towards the lower bonfire, then turn right to find a pumpkin patch. Grab them and throw them into the empty barrels around the area.

Three are behind the fallen trees and the spiked fence surrounding the pumpkin patch, one is on a platform above and behind the roofed area with the burning oil barrel, and the last is behind the building to the south-west of the bonfire. If you miss too many and run out of pumpkins, you"ll have to leave the area and return later as they don"t seem to re-spawn immediately.

Lost City Challenges and side missions


Vandal: Destroy eight headless statues. These are spread around both the main area of the city and the later areas.

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Cut five bells down. These are all in the main city area. A couple are in bell towers, a couple are in lower buildings, and one is in a hidden area to the west of the first trebuchet.

Banner Wars: Burn eight Deathless banners. These are all in the main city area. They"re quite pale and hard to spot, so use Survival Instinct as you look around to highlight them, then hit them with a fire arrow.

Burn Baby Burn: Light five signal fires with a trebuchet. These are the large, conical wooden structures on top of some of the buildings. Four can be ignited with the trebuchet in the main city, but the last one is out of range and must be lit from the third trebuchet.

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