around Tragedy + Time

"Tragedy + Time" is a song by American rock band increase Against. The track was released together the 2nd single from your seventh album, titled The black color Market. The song impacted radio ~ above October 21, 2014. Follow to lead singer Tim McIlrath, the title of the song comes from the phrase "tragedy plus time equates to comedy". The track is a playable monitor in guitar Hero Live.

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All the edge of the sharpest knivesIn the middle of the darkest nightsAlways knew that i would find you hereIn the bottom that the gravest tearsI"ve seen sufficient to watch it"s lonely where you areAbove the cloudBeen tangling through the rooftopShe wait indigenous ledges because that advice to talk her downNothing matters however the pain, you"re all aloneThe never finishing night when you"re awakeWhen you"re play out tomorrow, it"s OKThere will be the time to crack one more smileMaybe not this particular day or for a whileBut we"re holding on friend won"t forget part dayYou can"t forget part dayAll the matters is the time we hadDoesn"t matter just how it all went badNever wonder what it can be likeShut the door, speak goodbyeWhen things grew tragicallyWe come lively or come undoneSo don"t look backLet it form you prefer a notionEven the deepest scars gradually will fadeNothing matters but the pain, you"re all aloneThe never ending night when you"re awakeWhen you"re play out tomorrow it"s OKThere will be the time to crack another smileMaybe not this particular day or for a whileBut we"re hold on friend won"t forget some dayYou can"t forget part dayAnd occasionally you need to go backTo know just where you were thenBut we"re old sufficient to understand thatWhat has actually been, will certainly be again and also againAnd the bravest of deals with are the ones wherein we fake itAnd the duties that we playNothing matters when the pain is all however goneWhen girlfriend are lastly awakeDespite the overwhelming odds, morning cameAnd when they watch you crack a smileAnd you decision to remain a whileYou"ll be ready then, to laugh againNothing matters yet the pain(We space tragedy, yeah, we space sympathy)Nothing matters but the painYou watch what you want to seeNothing matters but the pain(We room misery, a distant memory)Nothing matters yet the painWe every learned to laugh againYeah, us all learned come laugh againWe every learned come laugh again

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Rise against Rise versus is one American punk band from Chicago, Illinois, developed in December 1999.

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The band right now consists that Tim McIlrath (lead vocals, valuation guitar), Zach Blair (lead guitar, backing vocals), Joe Principe (bass guitar, backing vocals) and also Brandon Barnes (drums, percussion). More »