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I purchase my vehicle here, a 2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring, beautiful blue color. The staff was very helpful and also their key goal was to assist me build my credit, because I was only 19 and also had really young credit. They gave me great advice and also gave me a fair price on mine trade-in, the I supplied for my under payment. Great family-owned business, will certainly not screw you over like large dealerships. Lock genuinely care around helping your credit and getting you turn off the lot happy and satisfied. After having actually my automobile for a month, i ran into an concern with the brakes and also they addressed it right away. Ns would neglect all the an unfavorable reviews together these world probably did not make payments and also had their auto repoed, OR they did no take care of it and also it ended up messed up.

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Jen S.

Staff is amazing, ideal service for any kind of kind of customer and credit. Clever customers shop below for credit rebuilding, an excellent pre owned options, and friendly staff.


I purchase a 2002 Nissan Altima ago in February of 2014 and it looked to be in great condition. Looks deserve to be decieving though... Not also a day later I found an exhaust leak and found the end they offered me the vehicle with missing lugnuts ~ above the tires. ~ I fixed the tire problem i found out the the automobile needed a brand-new alternator also. So i fixed the car and also the car was fine until a month later when that randomly i will not ~ crank. I took the vehicle to get checked out and it had two swollen head gaskets.. An expensive fix. Additionally i confirm the carfax and also come to uncover out lock rolled ago tge odometer prior to selling it to me. I bought it v 146k miles and also the auto fax stared the it had actually 250k miles. This location will screw your life up think me.

This organization deserves come be forced out of business. They are crooks and also liars preying on those who space rebuilding their credit transaction or have actually no credit. They marketed us a truck fradulently. It was supposed to go to auction together they knew what to be wrong v it (transmission,etc). They climate fired the saleman and also closed the lot of in Branford and now Jennifer is spewing her lies come us and also our finance company. If you inspect this company out ~ above the net, girlfriend will discover LOTS of complaints. They have actually been rreported to the BBB before and also I have just it is registered a complaint also. We will certainly be see Jennifer in court very soon. Oh, and Jennifer? American credit transaction Acceptance has deferred our payment for the time being and they are likewise on to your lies.

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Unless girlfriend love safety money top top junk. Also their newer models space falling apart. Probably its the mechanics or maybe they are simply snakes like many used car dealerships. They will certainly not desire to occupational with you if you lug the car ago even if you"re still paying on it. I shed my family and job since i bought a car from rightway and 2 weeks later...blown head gasket

I really hate also giving this company one star!!! If you have to have a car and think there is no ar else to obtain one, pass ideal on by this place as well. The automobile I purchased was a piece of junk that held together only long sufficient to acquire it off the lot. No wonder my "test drive" was only about 3 blocks prior to the salesman claimed to go back to the lot. After ~ the revenue the finance department to be nothing quick of dreadful refusing to process my payments appropriately as instructed which cost me horrendous quantities of late fees. After payment on the auto for end a year and a fifty percent I quiet owed practically as much as the purchase price and also they pertained to repo it v one payment early (the money was in the financial institution waiting for them to take it as usual!) when I stated I was exhausted of them not doing the payment handling properly and would not pay any more late fees because of their errors.

I am i m really sorry to hear the one client is not satisfied through your business here at Right means Automotive. Yet this customer stated that she was a repossessed customer because she did not pay she payments come us. We love our customers and unfortunately we space unable to save customers happy as soon as they do not uphold their end of the contract. We will certainly supply a quality vehicle, the chance to finance through no credit check, and also the capacity to boost your credit... You will certainly however, need to make your payment on time to the finance agency to keep your vehicle. Us invite any kind of customers that might have comes to to call the dealership and give us the opportunity to earn her business!