ACT 6 Smell that sea breeze. Chris and also Sheva chase Wesker onto a container ship, wright here his monstrous plan begins to unfold. Can you speak him in time? It’s tricky, yet possible.

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When Sheva’s trapped in a cage a brand-new freak will certainly assault you. It’s a duvalia, and also it’s exceptionally tough. Ignore the large ball because you’ll inflict zero damage; rather target the tangle of ribs by its left leg to damage it. Conversely, a single flash grenade will certainly knock it out and also expose its fleshy interior for some straightforward killing. (And who sassist the flash grenades were useless?)

Once it’s dead you have the right to collect its keycard and also rescue Sheva. You’ll must reach the crane’s controls to perform this, and also to get tright here you’ll have to raise the nearby container by shooting the conveniently flashing green panel up high. Do that and you’ll have the ability to involved her aid.

This is the last scrap before you fight the finish boss:

Two bugs show up as soon as you open the second blast doors. Quickly take them out through a magnum to the belly before chaingun majini arrive.

When the gunners show up drop down into the left trench and leap the gap. Now climb the left ladder to discover a very useful gatling gun.

Jump on and you’ll have enough time to kill one of the gunners, which provides life much, much simpler for everyone involved. Acomponent from them, of course. Tell Sheva to take over the gun controls and go fetch the keycard from the first gunner. The aim here is to lure the second gunner right into the open.

If the gunner chases Sheva things are a little tougher. Instruct her to loss earlier and fire from the primary platcreate. When he’s near enough you deserve to return to the turret if demands be though.

WEAPON WATCH This act’s many effective weapons: Shotgun

- After entering the ship you’ll go down a large stairwell. The shotgun’s on the bottom deck, best in the middle

Rocket Launcher

- The rocket launcher’s behind glass in the darkest corner. Look at the plane: it’ll be behind you on your best.

BOSS GUIDE: UROBOROS AHERI Did Excella listen? Of course not! Instead she morphs into this freakazoid, and also you’ve gained to put her down: After the initial quick-time occasions she’ll have actually more than doubled in size. See those yellow bulbous growths? Yep, they’re your targets

Use the keycard on the panel opposite what was Excella to get the laser device. Now climb one of the nearby ladders and also start shooting

You should ‘paint’ a weak point for about three seconds prior to the laser kicks in. If the arm swings at you release LT and also hit X (360) or square (PS3) to duck

After each successful hit the monster spits out small worm sacks. Ditch your laser and also take them out conveniently via your shotgun

When the smaller sized growths are dvery own the major one will certainly be revealed. Hit this and also prepare to execute it all aget. And again. She does die eventually. Promise!

BOSS GUIDE: ALBERT WESKER PART 1 Thirteen years of Resident Evil lore have actually collected to this moment: Chris Redfield vs Albert Wesker, the final fight. Er, component one, that is!

Throw the three levers in the arena’s corners to turn off all the lights and fire a rocket (see ‘Weapon Watch’ above for the rocket launcher) at him

Pull out your handgun and also shoot the rocket in Wesker’s hands. It’ll explode in his challenge, providing you ample time to run in and also grab him

If you miss through the rocket tright here are even more rounds 2 floors up. We discovered it less complicated to grab the round ourselves rather than waiting for Sheva to pick one up

If Albert picks up a missile you’re in trouble. Start running, and also don’t soptimal until there’s something substantial between you and him

Run as much as Wesker when he’s startled and also hammerX (360) or square (PS3) to host him stable. Sheva have to inject him to end the fight. If not, just repeat the assault again.

BOSS GUIDE: ALBERT WESKER PART 2 Resident Evil 5’s nod to the infamous Krauser knife fight.

Nothing also tricky here. Hold the pad so that you deserve to hit the confront butlots, waggle the left stick and pull the triggers all at a moment’s notification. Pay attention to the cutscene and you should breeze via.

BOSS GUIDE: ALBERT WESKER PART 3 You’ve made it to the last challenge! We hope you’ve stocked up on ammo, though:

Firstly, just turn tail and also run. Take the left route at the fork and equip the shotgun. Now shoot the 2 light-coloured rocks to assist later

Turn around and you’ll see Wesker adhering to the route you took. Shoot his glowing earlier and he’ll leap off the platform and stalk Sheva rather

Start shooting Wesker when Sheva tells you to carry out so. Once she’s respanned it’s time to conserve her by beating up a boulder; stick-twirling and also all

You’re at the last stage now. When Wesker raises his best arm up high run in close and also shoot his back. The wound will certainly close up and also Wesker will unleash a whirlwind attack. Make sure you action earlier before he does, otherwise it’s game over. You’re nearly there

Brilliantly that relocate will then reveal his front. Shoot that until the Uroboros protects him and also then wait for him to raise his arm as soon as even more

That’s all tright here is to it. Keep complying with that pattern (save earlier after the whirlwind strike because he’ll occasionally pound the ground too) to win

The lava doesn’t fairly kill him, yet one last QTE in the helicopter will certainly carry out. RIP Wesker – among gaming’s greatest ever characters

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