Resident angry 2 is a game complete of puzzles and locked doors. Thankfully, the world is also full that keys and key-like points that will certainly unlock those doors. This overview is here to assist you find every Key and Key Item in the remake.

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We’re going to rest them up into sections based on when they take place in the video game — the Police Station, climate the Parking Garage, climate the Sewers, and also then the nest Laboratory. We’ll break those down into two vast categories:

Keys, which room actual physics keys and also things you’d identify as a keyKey Items, which space things choose handles that open or unlock things yet aren’t technically keys

Table the contents

Police Station crucial locations Police Station crucial Item locations Parking Garage an essential locations Parking Garage vital Item locationsSewers vital and an essential Item locations NEST Laboratory vital Item locations

Police Station vital locations

One vital that specific to each character, and also that key is right here in the Police station — the Club Key because that Leon and the Heart Key for Claire. There space a pair others — the power Panel parts — that room in various locations for each character. We’ll speak to out the character-specific keys in the headings below.

Gas Station an essential location — Claire and Leon

Capcom via We’re including this one simply for completion’s sake. This key is in the earlier room of the Gas Station you conference in the game’s prologue.

You’ll usage it come get back into the Gas Station’s key room.

Spade an essential location — Claire and Leon

Capcom via The very first of the play card-themed secrets you’ll discover is the Spade Key. The on the 3rd floor (3F) on the west next of the Police Station. You’ll go v a feet in the wall next come a an extremely clever person shadow fake out.

You’ll usage the Spade key several times throughout the game — in the Waiting Room come unlock the door to the Art Room and the Main room for the doors come the Library and also the West Office, because that example.

Weapons Locker vital Card location — Claire and Leon

Capcom via You’ll find the Weapons Locker vital Card in the Art Room on the eastern side the the 2nd floor (2F) of the Police Station. You’ll require the Spade key to obtain here and you’ll more than likely visit the room if trying to retrieve the Red Jewel (above).

The tools Locker an essential Card unlocks the locker at the earlier of the Safety Deposit Room on the west side of the an initial floor (1F). Leon choose up the Shotgun here and also Claire gets her Grenade Launcher.

Police Station an essential Item locations

The Police station is the greatest concentration the locked doors and lockers the you’ll uncover in Resident evil 2, so it fits that there room a ton of vital Items here, too.

Spare an essential 1 place — Claire and Leon

Capcom via The an initial Spare Key you find is in the 2nd floor Locker Room (2F) on the west side of the Police Station. It’s in a Portable Safe. Portable Safes have actually eight buttons, each connected with among the lights above. Your task is to press buttons to irradiate up the lamp in order counterclockwise. The doesn’t matter where girlfriend start, you just need to keep light the lights in order.

The Spare an essential fits top top the Lockers Terminal in the Safety Deposit Room top top the very first floor (1F). Us recommend place the first one in the 2 position.

Capcom via

Red Book, Scepter, and also Red Jewel place — Claire and also Leon

Capcom via You’ll uncover the Red publication in the Library right alongside the Spade key door ago to the key Hall. After you unlock the Spade crucial door in the waiting Room and also get to the Art Room, the Red publication gets combined with the Statue’s Left Arm and placed ~ above the frostbite to get the Scepter.

Examining the Scepter lets you eliminate the Red Jewel. The Jewel fits ~ above the Bejeweled Box (below).

Bolt Cutter location — Claire and Leon

Capcom via The Bolt Cutter is at the bottom that the Fire escape on the far eastern side that the Police Station’s 2nd floor (2F) near the helicopter crash. You’ll discover them in a wheelbarrow in ~ the basic of the stairs.

The Bolt Cutter is crucial to get through any type of doors that room chained closed — favor the door right beside where you choose it up, the door to the East Office, and also the door in the Operations Room.

Main hall Fuse location — Claire and Leon

Capcom via throughout your an initial run, this Electrical Part is on one of the desks in the East Office. Once you study it, you’ll identify it as the Main hall Fuse.

The panel it goes into is next to the shutter the you first crawled under to investigate the eastern hallway. Location it in the dashboard to open up the shutter come the Main Hall.

Valve Handle ar — Claire and also Leon

Capcom via The Valve Handle is top top the desk in the office-within-an-office inside the East Office (1F).

Take it come the Locker Room ~ above the second floor’s (2F) west side to revolve off the heavy steam pipe blocking access to the Shower Room — this at some point gets you come the STARS Office.

Electronic Gadget, Battery, and also Detonator ar — Claire and also Leon

Capcom via The Diamond Key is in the Morgue in the southeast edge of the basement (B1). The in the second drawer native the left ~ above the left side of the room.

You’ll have to fight a zombie for it, and then you can use the to open the office in the Firing variety (B1) and the Linen Room (2F).

Heart an essential location — Claire only

Capcom via as soon as Claire provides it to the Chief’s Office, she’ll be able to get come the Private arsenal Room (2F). There, she’ll uncover the Lover’s Relief and retrieve the Heart Key from it.

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The Heart vital opens the door out of the Chief’s Office, the Interrogation Room (1F), and also a door in the East warehouse Room (3F).

Club key location — Leon only

Capcom via Leon can discover the Club Key in the Boiler Room (1F). He’ll visit this room when he’s out on the Balcony (3F) and also Roof (2F) while placing out the helicopter fire. This room is boarded up and also inaccessible in Claire’s campaign.